Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back To College Shopping Just Got Easier With Gillette

Photo Property of Jacqueline Griebel

My son John, pictured above, will be 21 years old next week. At the end of August he will be headed back to Westminster College to complete his senior year. I have been stocking up on items for him to start the year off with and one thing I am able to check off the list is razor blades thanks to Gillette. Gillette now has a razor blade subscription service that is great for guys in college. You simply select what type of blade you need, which retailer you want to use, how many blades and how often you want them delivered and then you wait for them to arrive at your dorm or college address. The best part of this subscription service is you can get your blades for AS LITTLE AS $1. A MONTH!!  As my five year old would say "Super Duper Easy Peasy!" The past year when John would come home he usually had stubble and a scruffy look; he attends college in an area that is surrounded by an Amish community and it is about 25 miles to the closest store to buy his Gillette blades which is very inconvenient for him, so we were very pleased to hear of this subscription service and couldn't wait to sign him up.