Friday, May 31, 2013

Baked Ziti

Credit: Allrecipes

I found the perfect recipe for baked ziti from a great little blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything. My husband does not care for ricotta cheese or cottage cheese which are common ingredients used in most lasagne and ziti recipes, this particular recipe uses sour cream instead. What I like most about this recipe is it makes a TON so you will have leftovers for a day or two guaranteed and it is super yummy as my four year old says.

Heroin And Heartbreak In A Small Town

Devan Cathlene Knapp

I live in a rural area of northwestern PA where crime is a rarity. The  murder rate is extremely low (like one every 10 years), burglaries and rapes are fortunately few and far between and I cannot recall a kidnapping ever happening in this area. Driving Under The Influence and Criminal Mischief comprise the bulk of criminal cases in this area. Our small town life and sense of security was shattered on January 11, 2013. A 19 year old girl from nearby Brookville, Devan Knapp, was reported missing by her mother.
Thursday, May 30, 2013

Music Bath For Kids

Josh enjoying his music bath

As a homeschooling parent I constantly do research and look for new and creative ways to teach and was delighted this past winter when I found some great ideas for learning while in the bathtub. I teach my youngest Josh with weekly thematic units and use crafts, snacks, small field trips, and special baths that match that week's theme.

Last week's theme was music so I created a special music bath for him and he loved it! Take six tall glasses (if you don't have real glasses you can buy some at any dollar store) and fill them with different levels of water. Add food color to each glass and set them on the ledge of the tub or shelf. Add a little food color to the water to brighten things up and put a few music notes and treble clefs on the tub walls (I draw mine with erasable crayon or you can purchase some). Give your child a drumstick (or a wooden spoon if you don't have a drumstick) and show them how to tap each glass and listen for the different sounds each glass makes. They will be surprised I guarantee it! Have them practice playing music on the glasses and make sure to join in the fun.

I also added the little music set Josh has which I purchased at Wal Mart for $10. One thing to note, if you have really young children they will need close supervision with this activity because the real glass could break and cause injury.

Proctor & Gamble Beauty Magic

Last week I received a box full of beauty products from one of my favorite companies, Proctor & Gamble. Included in the box were some great products including: Olay lash duo, Olay sculpting cream, Vidal Sassoon shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray, Cover Girl clump buster mascara, Olay body wash, Cover Girl dual lipstick, Cover Girl shine outlast nail polish, Puffs extra soft tissues, and Crest 3-D white toothpaste. Some of the products I have already tried in the past and some are new to me. I will be doing a short review of each product in addition to hosting a Vocalpoint RSVP Beauty Magic  party with nine of my friends.

Miss Jackie Is Almost Famous!

I am super excited to share with my readers that I have been featured in a story that went out to the PR Newswire. A blogging group that I contribute too, Wendy's Bloggers compiled a list of ten commandments for working with mommy bloggers. Out of the 200 members in the group my suggestion was one of ten chosen for publication. Some of my fellow bloggers have told me that I always "think outside the box" and am creative with my blogging so I guess this reinforces that for me.

The story has been featured in numerous publication including the Sacramento Bee and NBC!! You can read the feature by clicking on one of those two links in pink or you can go HERE to read the release on the Wendy's Bloggers site. I am hopeful this experience will lead to more exposure for Miss Jackie's Views and some opportunities to host some great reviews and giveaways for my readers, I appreciate each and every one of you!
Monday, May 27, 2013

The Perfect White Nail Polish From Zoya

Credit: Zoya

The nail polish experts at Zoya have just introduced the perfect white nail polish, Purity. I have tried various white nail polishes on the market and they are either streaky or too sheer. As usual Zoya got it right with this latest addition to the Zoya line, a clean white shade named Purity.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beichner 4 Racing Wins Season Opener At Sportsman's Speedway

Beichner 4 Racing started their quest for a third pure stock championship at their home track Sportsman's Speedway with a first place finish in the feature race with driver Jason Beichner behind the wheel on May 19th. Jason also picked up the win in the qualifying heat and is currently the points leader in the pure stock division.

Beichner 4 Racing will be back in action this Sunday, May 26th at Sportsman's Speedway in Knox. For any of my new followers my son John is a third year pit crew member so I follow the team and post updates. Hope to see everyone at Sportsman's on Sunday!
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bisquick Easy Cheese and Bacon Quiche

Bisquick is one of my favorite "kitchen helpers", it makes cooking and baking super easy which is great when you have little ones to keep up with. For dinner tonight I made one of my favorite Bisquick recipes, Easy Cheese and Bacon Quiche. You can go HERE for the recipe and full instructions from Bisquick.

Lincoln Logs Horseshoe Hill Station

When I was growing up I loved going to my neighbor Drew's house to play. He was a great friend and had all the fun toys to play with including Lincoln Logs. I remember spending hours with him building all sorts of houses and barns etc. with Lincoln Logs. So I was thrilled when K'NEX asked me to review the new Lincoln Logs Horseshoe Hill Station  with my boys.

How To Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Video Credit:  CNN

I watched this powerful video of children and parents reuniting with their kids after the tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma from CNN and it brought tears to my eyes. Seeing the children and parents cry as they found each other touched me. What I found particularly heartbreaking were the screams in the background of parents calling their children's names desperately looking for them.

The folks in Oklahoma need our help after this devastating tornado. Please pray for them and their families as they continue search and rescue efforts and start the process of rebuilding their town and lives. And pray for the people in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas as a powerful storm with tornadoes is predicted to make landfall in those areas today.

Here is a list of resources and ways you can help our "neighbors" in Oklahoma:

Photo Credit: Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is in Moore,OK, serving all who seek assistance. To support the Army’s efforts, give online at You can also text the word “STORM” to 80888 to make a $10 donation through your mobile phone; to confirm your gift, respond with the word “Yes.”

Habitat For Humanity  is raising funds to help with clean up, repairs and new construction in the areas affected in Oklahoma and Texas. Visit the Habitat For Humanity website at to donate to the special Disaster Response Fund.

Donate to the Red Cross fund to help Oklahoma tornado victims. You can also text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

 The Red Cross has  a Safe and Well website you can search if you are trying to locate someone that was affected by the storm. Those in the areas affected can log on and list themselves to make it easier to let loved ones and friends know they are safe.

The Regional Food Bank Of Oklahoma is accepting donations and is coordinating volunteers to help with relief efforts.

There is a Facebook group, May 19th 2013 OK Tornado Doc & Picture Recovery where people who have found pictures and documents found in outlying areas are posted. The group also has links for listings of lost and found pets in the Moore, OK and McClain County area.

Mia Mariu Skin Care Giveaway

Rejuvenate Your Skin Anti-Aging Pack Revew & Giveaway 
by Mia Mariu
Hosted by: So Sew Mama

I know my followers love beauty products so I am pleased to join with some other great bloggers to bring you this giveaway. Remember you only have to complete the first entry to be eligible to win, you can do as few or as many entries as you like and good luck!

Recently, I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with Mia. They sent me a few of there products to try out for 3 weeks. The Rejuvenate Your Skin Anti-Aging Pack contains a Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser, an Anti-Aging Brightening Serum and an Anti-Aging Eye Treatment.

Bounce Castle Giveaway

Air Walker Bounce Castle Giveaway
Hosted By: So Sew Mama
Sponsored by: Blast Zone

We wanted something that was sturdy and would hold our three children. We purchased our Bounce House off Amazon. At a discount, mind you. As soon as it arrived the mail carrier stated how obnoxiously heavy the box was. HaHa. It weighs in at about 60 pounds. Which really isn't that bad. I was surprised at how sturdy it was. I was able to carry our Air Walker Bounce Castle around back to set it up with ease.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Floral Beauty Look

A Favorite Photo

Today's assignment for the blog every day in May challenge is to post a favorite photo of yourself and tell why. The picture of me above was taken the day of my son Josh's baptism. He's actually laying in the crib right below me. This is my favorite photo because well I look good in it or so I have been told. And I think it shows you can be an "older" (I was 39) mom and still look great!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Huge Carson Dellosa Clearance Sale!!

Right now Carson Dellosa is having a huge  Spring Clearance Sale!! They have over 450 products up to 85% off. This is a great chance   to get a head start on those classroom and home learning supplies at really, really low prices ! I'm talking pocket charts for $5.70! Bulletin board sets for under $5! Books, puzzles, learning cards and so much more! Plus - over 100 items for UNDER $2
 Check it out:  Click here!

What a great opportunity to stock up for next school year or buy some early Christmas presents! Personally I am ordering some books and puzzles to keep the kiddos reading through the summer. Don't miss out, head over to the Carson Dellosa website and grab some great deals!


Thursday Freebies

Free bottle of Mio Water

Nexcare Bandages

Trumped Paper Ruler  (Special ruler for measuring fish)

Feeling Helpless

So the assigned topic for today's blog every day in May challenge is something difficult about your lot in life and how you are working to overcome it. I had to think about this one for a few minutes as I consider myself very lucky and tend to have a sunny outlook on life in general. Then it struck me, the thing that is difficult in my life right now is my husband's health.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Youth Perfect Spa Pillowcase

YouthPerfect Unveils Innovative YouthPerfect® Spa Pillowcase for Sleeping Well and Waking Up Looking Refreshed                                            
>> Sleep is the body’s natural beauty fix – get it with the only pillowcase designed by a medical doctor and a licensed cosmetologist

Granite Bay, Calif., May 9, 2013 – Studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to health and overall well-being. And, as people age, adequate sleep is also important to protecting the youthful look of skin. Designed by a medical doctor and a licensed cosmetologist, YouthPerfect’s patent-pending YouthPerfect® Spa Pillowcase now offers the ultimate in sleeping luxury, designed for superior rest while actually working to reduce sleep lines that can become wrinkles.
When sleeping on a regular pillowcase, facial skin can bunch to form creases – also known as sleep lines – overnight. As skin ages, it also becomes less resilient and these lines can start to create permanent wrinkles. With the YouthPerfect Spa Pillowcase, pressure points on skin are diminished for a restful, crease-free sleep. 

Crop Top Style

Beichner 4 Racing wins at Americas Motorsports Park

 Beichner 4 Racing (l to r): Rick Beichner, Bruce Beichner, Bud Beichner, Driver Jason Beichner, John Griebel, Matt Hartzell

Congratulations to local pure stock racing team Beichner 4 Racing on their win Saturday, May 11th at America's Motorsports Park in Clearfield, PA. It was the first time Beichner 4 Racing competed at this track and they brought home the trophy!

                                       Driver Jason Beichner leading the pack in the blue & yellow car.

                                      Car Owner/Driver Jason Beichner with AMP trophy

Beichner 4 Racing will start their regular season this Sunday, May 19th at their home track, Sportsman's Speedway in Knox. Beichner 4 Racing won back to back Pure Stock titles in 2011 and 2012 at Sportsman's Speedway and will be competing bring home a third title this year.

Wednesday Freebies

Free Dinosaur stickers from the Bronx Zoo. Vote for your favorite dinsoaur and then check your email for form.  Bronx Zoo Stickers

Free Hugo Red Fragrance Sample

Free Chicago White Sox Kit for Kids  you must fill out a separate form for each child. Kit includes the following: 

Official Membership Certificate
Official Welcome Postcard
White Sox Mini Pennant
White Sox Temporary Tattoos
Adam Dunn Wall Cling
Four ticket coupons (up from two!) redeemable for
Upper Deck Reserved tickets to select games during the 2013 season.
(Coupons can be upgraded to Outfield Reserve tickets for $15 each.)

Swole Sports Nutrition Sample Pack  (includes 3 different flavors/bars)

Arizona Trivia

                                                               Arizona State Flag

Fun Facts about our 48th state:

1. The original London Bridge was shipped stone by stone and reconstructed in Havasu City.

2. The Four Corners Monument is the spot  in the United States where a person can stand in four states at the same time.

3. Arizona is the state with the largest percentage of its land set aside and designated as Indian lands.

4. Politician Barry Goldwater is a native of Arizona.

5. Arizona is the home of the Grand Canyon.