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Ban T-Shirts Review & Giveaway

                                                                       Photo Credit: Ban T-shirts

Ban T-Shirts are American made, sweatshop free t-shirts made with organic cotton. When you purchase a t-shirt from Ban T-Shirts they plant a tree as part of their partnership with Trees For The Future. How cool is that? Not only are you  getting a great deal when you buy a Ban T-shirt  you are also  helping the environment. While Ban T-shirts are noted for their political t-shirts they also offer t-shirts in several categories including science, religion, anti-war, environment, free speech, and immigration to name just a few.

Grandma's Summer Soaps Review & Giveaway

Jewelweed grows wild in close proximity to poison ivy throughout much of the United States. For centuries native American peoples have used Jewelweed (Impatiens Capensis) as a natural preventative and treatment for the itch and rashes of poison ivy, oak and sumac. GRANDMA'S now brings this powerful natural remedy to you! Relieves the itch of poison almost immediately and heals the rash in 3-4 days!
Friday, June 29, 2012

Fan of the Week June 29th

Congrats to our new Fan Of The Week is Gracie Annie! I used the new Facebook application Fan Of The Week and also looked at the number of giveaway entries and comments here on the blog to select her.

Want to be my next fan of the week and win a great prize? Interact with my Facebook page (like, comment and share) and enter some giveaways and leave me a comment once in awhile here on the blog!
Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hank Player Shirts "Hip, Graphic Tees for Kids & Adults" Review & Giveaway

Hank Player shirts are soft, comfy, cool & stylish, everything a tshirt should be! These great shirts are a combination of novelty graphics and vintage colors. What type of kid wears a Hank Player shirt? Here's what the company has to say: "They're the ones who throws their head back in a belly laugh, cry when they lose, cheer when they win, and wear a cape and pretend they can fly. Here's to kids — our kids, your kids, Hank Player kids!"
Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chipkos Sandals for Men & Women Review & Giveaway

Chipkos is a lifestyle oriented shopping company that specializes in socially conscious products. Here is a description of the company and their mission: Company Background - Chipkos takes its inspiration from The Chipko Movement, a historic environmental effort which first took place in India in the 17th century. Indigenous villagers protested against the logging of their land by literally attaching themselves to their trees. 'Chipko' is a sanskirt word that means 'to stick'. By 'sticking' to their trees, these villagers were, in a sense, the first treehuggers, and the Chipko Movement was the first group environmental effort ever recorded in history. Chipkos was founded by Priya Dua (a former math teacher).

Melter Gems Comments

Costume Discounters Review & Giveaway

Costume Discounters sells childrens, pets, men's and women's costumes at really low prices. There are many categories of costumes available and right now they have a special, you can save 20% off any costume priced at $20. or more using the code SAVEBIG. In addition to a huge clearance section Costume Discounters has free shipping on all orders over $70.

Review/Giveaway Spotlight

I have arranged for some more great reviews/giveaways from the following sponsors. Take a minute and check out them out (just click on the company name) and come back to read the review/giveaway posts!

Chipkos Sandals

Ban T Shirt

Del Sol Color Changing Jewelry

Hadaki handbags

Hank Player Shirts
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Exciting new from Disney: Marvel's The Avengers to cross $600. Million Domestic Today!!

Marvel’s The Avengers is expected to cross the $600 million domestic box office threshold today, becoming one of only three films in history ever to reach this milestone. The Super Hero film’s global total is now an estimated $1,438.3 million, and it stands as the #3 film of all time globally and domestically.

Avengers Assemble.jpg

Giveaway Updates

The Copper River Bag giveaway was a huge success with over 16,000 entries! Thanks to all the participating blogs who posted and helped promote this awesome giveaway! Because there are so many entries it will be a few days until a winner is announced. I have to verify entries which means when the Rafflecopter selects a winner I have to make sure the winner actually did all the entries they said they did. I have to ask all the blogs to verify that the winner liked them on facebook and twitter and if you said that you did an entry like following me on Pinterest I have to verify that too. Anyone who claimed an entry and did not complete the task will be disqualified and a new winner is selected and the verification process starts all over again. This can be time consuming but it is not fair to those who only checked off tasks/entries that they actually did to not verify a giveaway. So please bear with  me, whoever the lucky winner is a few days of waiting will be well worth it for one of these gorgeous leather bags!
Monday, June 25, 2012

PB Crave "All Natural Peanut Butter With A Gourmet Twist"

Photo Credit: PB Crave

PB Crave makes some awesome peanut butter in four great flavors: choco choco, choco bananas, razzle dazzle, and cookie nookie. These great products are made with natural ingredients and honey and unique flavor combinations that I guarantee anyone will love . PB Crave uses peanuts grown in the US, is gluten-free, cholesterol free, has no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup; in other words it only has good stuff in it. PB Crave is socially responsible and uses the highest standards in their manufacturing process to ensure consumer safety.

"College Corner" Gift Ideas for Students

Every once in awhile I like to send my son little packages with some treats in them when he's away at college. I know a lot of moms like to do this for their kids and John likes getting packages, who doesn't? Even though he's a big of a tough guy he likes being remembered.

Here are a couple of gift ideas to send your student when he or she is away at college. These ideas are super affordable (each one is less than $10. shipped to your student) and the companies are all small businesses that are family owned and operated. I am a big supporter of small family businesses!

Platypus Australia Baby & Children's Swimwear Review & Giveaway

Platypus Australia based in Australia produces UV protective swimwear for babies and children. All Platypus swimwear offers maximum sun protection blocking out 97.5% of harmful ultraviolet radiation. The company's mission is to educate parents, children and industry representatives about the importance of protection against the damaging rays of the sun.  For information about UV Protection and Sun Protection Facts read the Platypus Australia article HERE.

           Josh modeling his new board shorts, rash guard and bucket hat

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Membership Has Its Perks With She Speaks & Style United!

Check out what arrived in my mailbox Saturday! A set of Olay Regenerist products valued at $45. This was a  thank you gift from She Speaks and Style United for sharing with my readers the great new website Style United has. I previously blogged about Style United and She Speaks but in case you missed it I will give you a quick overview of these two great sites.

Sexy Costume Discounters Review

Sexy Costume Discounters offers a wide range of costumes, everything from 1950s to witches, really just about any category of costume you can think of they have in their inventory. In addition to womens costumes Sexy Costume Discounters sells hats, wigs and all sorts of accessories. You might want to buy a Halloween costume to take the kids out trick or treating or maybe you will need a Christmas costume for a function this coming Christmas. And they also sell adult costumes in case you are in need of one of those. The prices are great at Sexy Costume Discounters and they offer free shipping on orders over $35. just use code FSHIP35 at checkout.

The Pink Monogram; A shop with over 15,000 monogrammed and engraved items!

The Pink Monogram is an internet based business that is a leader in monogrammed gifts, in 2008 the company was named to Oprah Winfrey's "O List" and has been featured in Oprah's magazine. The Pink Monogram offers over 15,000 engraved and monogrammed gifts available online and is noted for their aprons and monogrammed clogs.
Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just Natural Skin Care Giveaway


I discovered Just Natural Organic Care a couple weeks ago and fell in love with this company. They have so many amazing organic products, I always try to use organic when I can. They have gave me the option to use their hair and skin line, so Bath & Body is covered.

Kids Stuff "Little Boys and Dirty Knees"

It is summer which means lots of time spent outdoors for my little guy Josh. It also means playing in mud puddles, sand, the creek and rolling around in the yard. Usually when he comes in at night he is about five shades darker from all the dirt he has gathered during his busy day. Of course I make him get in the bathtub when he is all dirty, being a typical three year old boy he usually goes with a little fuss. So I scrub him and wash his hair but when he gets out the tub his little knees are still dirty.

In the Kitchen - Baking with Wholesome Sweeteners

                                                               Photo Credit: Wholesome Sweeteners
Wholesome Sweeteners is a company that produces fair trade certified organic sweeteners and syrups. They recently sent me their entire line of sweeteners and syrups to test and review. And they are very generously sponsoring a giveaway for one of my readers with a nice gift basket filled with their awesome products. The giveaway will be open in a few weeks after I have a chance to sample all of their great products. I plan on doing several posts sharing my experience with some of Wholesome Sweeteners products and then opening the giveaway.
Friday, June 22, 2012

Loreal Consumer Testing - Sample Loreal Products in the Research Stage

There are many consumer testing programs, some of which I participate in. You might have signed up in the past for a survey or testing program that promises "rewards" or full size products only to find out that you are expected to fill out very lengthy surveys on a frequent basis and yet you never "qualify" for the promised rewards or receive anything from the company. Loreal Consumer Testing is not like that, it is not as well known as other programs because they do not openly solicit members.

In The Kitchen - Mini Cheesecake Jars

                                                         Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Living

When I saw a recipe for mini cheesecakes jars featured in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living I knew I had to give it a try! Who doesn't love cheesecake? I made these mini cheesecakes for Christmas gifts and put pretty bows on the lids. I also made a batch for my sister's birthday and put them in little basket lined with new dish towels, they made a great gift that she really loved.

Help L'uvalla gain a grant to create more products and expand into more stores!!!

L'uvalla is a great company that produces awesome organic, all natural skin care products. They just recently sponsored a giveaway here on Miss Jackie's Views.  L'uvalla needs your help, they have applied for a $250,000. grant from In order to gain this grant they need 250 votes before June 29th.  Below is an email I received from L'uvalla with instructions on how to vote, I voted and it only took 1 minute. Please consider helping this great company out and vote!

Dearest LUV Birds,

My company has an opportunity to receive a $250,000 Grant that would help us bring out new products ASAP and expand into additional stores. All we need is 250 votes to qualify. If you are a fan of L'uvalla and would like to help spread the LUV, please go to  search for L'uvalla and click vote.
 We need 250 votes before June 29th. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  This means a lot to us, so if you can forward this onto your friends and family that would be awesome!!!

Disney/Pixar's Movie Brave Opens today in theaters!

                                                    Video Credit: Disney/Pixar
With the premiere of Disney/Pixar's newest movie, Brave today, I thought I would share a clip from the movie and information about this great movie that Disney asked me to pass along to my readers: 

Nature's Sleep Slippers Review and Giveaway

Nature's Sleep is well known for the high quality memory foam products they produce including mattresses, pillows and foam toppers. They also make some great high quality slippers like the ones pictured above!  Nature's Sleep is a global manufacturer and distributor of specialty sleep products and is committed to developing new products.

Fan of the Week June 22nd

Congratulations to the first Fan of the Week, Karen Glatt, here at Miss Jackie's Views!! She selected Lancome Renergie for her prize which is on its way.

I base my selection for Fan of the Week on Top Fans stats from Facebook, giveaways entered and blog post comments left on the blog. To be selected stop by my facebook page once in awhile and like, share or comment and leave a comment or enter some giveaways on the blog.

I will select a winner every Friday and give them a list of prizes to choose from. You can be named Fan of the Week once every six months.
Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby & Children's Swimwear from Platypus Australia

Platypus Australia based in Australia produces UV protective swimwear for babies and children. All Platypus swimwear offers maximum sun protection blocking out 97.5% of harmful ultraviolet radiation. The company's mission is to educate parents, children and industry representatives about the importance of protection against the damaging rays of the sun.  For information about UV Protection and Sun Protection Facts read the Platypus Australia article HERE.

College Corner - Stockpile now for the fall semester

Since my oldest son is a college sophomore I thought I would start blogging about college issues ie scholarships, financial aid, advice, ways we found to save money. This is the first article in a series.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner I thought I would pass on one of the money saving tips I used last year and intend on using this year too. Certain items such as potato chips, soft drinks, condiments and paper goods are usually on sale at really good prices for the Fourth of July. Last year I bought several cubes of Pepsi (my son's soft drink of choice), potato chips, plastic cutlery, cups, napkins, paper towels mustard and ketchup etc and stockpiled them. Now I do not believe in huge stockpiles that take over the basement but you can use your best estimate as to how much your college student will use the first semester of these items. Make sure to check expiration dates on potato chips and soft drinks as they do have a short shelf life. And of course your college student won't be able to lug the whole stockpile with him when school starts, you will have to store some at home. Johnny rolled his eyes when I bought all these items last Fourth of July but he found it very convenient not to have to get in his car and drive 20 miles to the closes Wal Mart for his snacks or pay a really high price at the local convenience store.

You can stock up year round on other non perishable items for your college student like laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. And of course early to late September is a great time to get school supplies like pencils, notebooks, pens etc really cheap because they are left over from the back to school sales and marked way down.

Simply Bath Salts based in Stow, Ohio offers 22 varieties of all natural bath salts along with custom bath salts. There are no added ingredients and each bag of bath salts has a freshness date stamped on it. There are many misconceptions about bath salts and the safety of using them, you can read the article written by Simply Bath Salts HERE for an explanation and clarification of these issues.

Giveaway Winners

Congrats to the winners of the following giveaways. You have been emailed and need to respond to my email within 48 hours to claim your prize!

Knots & Stones Necklace - Seyma

L'uvalla Orange Toner - Megan W.

Handmade Bags by Hollywood designer Sadie Hayes

Video Credit: Jacqueline Y. Griebel

Savvy Bags is an Etsy shop offering a line of tote bags, handbags, wine bags, jewelry bags and pouches, wheelchair bags, grocery bags, lint pick up pads and hats. The craftsmanship of these bags is impeccable with even stitching, sturdy material and unique patterns.
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bagluxe Handbag Giveaway Comments & Pinterest Pin Links.

Leave your comment for the Bagluxe handbag giveaway below. I have my comments set for moderation so they won't appear right away when you leave them, they will appear after I approve them.  Thanks for entering the giveaway and good luck!

Kettle Cuisine Review & Giveaway

                                                              Photo Credit: Kettle Cuisine

Here in the chilly NorthEast soup is a staple in almost everyone's diet including my family's. I found a great company, Kettle Cuisine, that makes some great tasting, all natural, gluten-free soups, chili and chowder. These tasty soups are available for sale at major retailers including Wegman's and Giant Eagle. Kettle Cuisine also has a Food Service Division that has been providing soup to fine restaurants and institutions since 1986.

Windy City Bells Review & Giveaway

                                           Video Credit: Jacqueline Y. Griebel

Windy City Bells is an Etsy shop featuring beautiful handmade bells, chimes and suncatchers by artist Lesa Davis. Lesa also has an Etsy shop featuring her gorgeous original fiber art wall hangings called No Small Plans, you can check it out HERE.
Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review/Giveaway Spotlight

Here's a preview of some of the upcoming reviews/giveaways coming to Miss Jackie's Views! Click on the company name to visit their website and learn more about these great products.

Imusausa Panini Press

Disney announces start of production on the movie "Maleficent" starring Angelina Jolie

                                           Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Burbank, CA  (June 19, 2012) – The Walt Disney Studios announced today that production began Wednesday, June 13th, on “Maleficent,” starring Academy Award®–winning actress Angelina Jolie.
            Directed by two-time Oscar®-winning production designer Robert Stromberg (“Avatar,” “Alice in Wonderland”), in his directorial debut, and produced by Joe Roth, “Maleficent” is written by Linda Woolverton (“The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast”) and executive produced by Angelina Jolie, Don Hahn, Matt Smith and Palak Patel. 

Lucy The Beagle

                                                                    Lucy and Johnny

My son Johnny's sweet beagle Lucy is not doing too well. She is 11 years old and has slowed down recently, beagles don't have quite as long a life expectancy as some dogs. We adopted her when Johnny turned 10 years old and she's a big part of the family. She has always been timid and sweet in nature, the Humane Society told us when we adopted her that the previous owner gave her up because she was gun shy and wouldn't hunt, they also thought he had possibly mistreated her. My husband likes to joke that the only thing Lucy hunts is bologna and hot dogs!

Mochi Things Winner

Congratulations to Tiffany W. the winner of the Mochi Things Purse Organizer!
Monday, June 18, 2012

Super Summer Beauty Giveaway - Three Winners

Summer Beauty Giveaway

For all of you ladies who love beauty products I am part of the Super Summer Beauty Giveaway hosted by the blog Jersha and Dup. There are three great prize packs with some awesome beauty products!!

Vente-privee/She Speaks Twitter Party June 21st!!

She Speaks is hosting a vente-privee  Twitter Party this Thursday, June 21st at 9 pm. There are all kinds of great prizes valued at over $1,000! The topic will be vente-privee a great online private sale site for members only which offers discounts up to 70% off designer clothes!!

Great New Deal website - SoLaLa Launching today!

Our Daily Deal site, LAUNCHED THIS MORNING!!! We're so excited to be bringing you national deals on amazing products that have ALL been reviewed by bloggers!

Makeup Tutorial - Camouflage Your Features Like A Pro

                                                        Video Credit: I sometimes struggle with makeup application and am an avid follower of makeup artist Kendra Richards. Her tutorials and tips are easy to follow and really useful. Watch the video above with Kendra Richards provided by Total Beauty on how to camouflage your features. The tips in this video are ones that real life women like me can achieve.  Total Beauty is another one of my go-to sources for makeup trends and tips along with Style United which I previously blogged about.

Copper River Bags Review & Giveaway

Video Credit: Jacqueline Y. Griebel
Copper River Bags specializes in handmade leather bags made only in America. Each bag is carefully crafted by hand and comes with a 100 year warranty. Among the selection of bags available from Copper River Bags are messenger bags, safari bags, camera bags, iPhone bags, wallets, and laptop bags. They also have a nice selection of accessories that includes straps, wallets, and pouches. Watch my video above to see some of the great items from this company.

Discount Family Clothing Review & Giveaway

                                                               Photo Credit: Discount Family Clothing

Discount Family Clothing offers clothes from some great name brand companies including Adidas  French Toast and Van Heusen. Categories of clothing they carry include infants, toddler, boys, girls, men, women, accessories, pets, youth and headwear. The prices are awesome at Discount Family Clothing, I saw many items starting at $1.86. - $3.50. In addition to clothing for everybody in the family Discount Family Clothing also has items including blankets and towels, hats & aprons, socks & underwear and pet items. You really can find something for everyone in the family at Discount Family Clothing! Check out my board on Pinterest
HERE to see some of the great things Discount Family Clothing offers.
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Shave Well Shaving Mirror Giveaway

                                                            Video Credit: ShaveWell Company

What's New At Miss Jackie's Views

I am making some changes to the blog so I thought I would update my followers. If you have followed me for awhile you probably noticed the blog looks a lot different. A blogger friend, Taryn, from the blog Mom Of One And Having Fun redesigned the blog for me and made a button and social media buttons.
Thursday, June 14, 2012

Copper River Bags Review & Giveaway

Video Credit: Jacqueline Y. Griebel

Copper River Bags specializes in handmade leather bags made only in America. Each bag is carefully crafted by hand and comes with a 100 year warranty. Among the selection of bags available from Copper River Bags are messenger bags, safari bags, camera bags, iPhone bags, wallets, and laptop bags. They also have a nice selection of accessories that includes straps, wallets, and pouches. Watch my video above to see some of the great items from this company.
Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nimble Bars and Quickie Chick Giveaway

                    Photo Credit: Balance Bar

Balance Bar gave me the opportunity to review another great product of theirs, Nimble Bars for women.This is a new product that is an all-in-one energy, nutrition and beauty bar. Nimble bars are the first energy bar with Truvia sweetener. Currently there are two flavors available, Peanut Butter and Yogurt Orange Swirl. I first started eating energy/nutrition bars when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a few years ago. Energy & Nutrition Bars are low carbohydrate and high fiber food items so they are great for meeting your nutritional needs without causing your blood sugar to rise. I love both flavors of Nimble bars, I am a peanut butter fanatic and the Yogurt Orange Swirl tastes like my favorite soft drink, orange cream soda. Nimble bars have a soft coating which makes them easier to eat than traditional energy bars, they aren't dry at all. You can purchase Nimble Bars retail for $16.99 for a box of 12 and can be purchased HERE and at major retailers.

To introduce Nimble Bars to women everywhere Balance Bars is offering a great giveaway prize pack, pictured below. This prize pack worth $109. includes a 12 pack of Peanut Butter and Yogurt Orange Swirl Balance Bars, an autographed copy of Laurel House's book "Quickie Chick's Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion and Finance on a less than fabulous budget", a limited 50's style wildlflower wristlet from Glittersweet Studio, and two bloom Black Ties (a hair tie that is also stylish jewelry).

You can enter in the Rafflecopter form below. Please note that Balance Bar rules state you can only win the Nimble Bar/Quickie Chick giveaway once, if you have won this prize package on another blog you are ineligible.

Disclosure: I received Nimble Bars and a Glittersweet wristlet from Balance Bars to facilitate my review. I was not required to give a positive review and my opinions remain my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Congrats to the recent giveaway winners here on Miss Jackie's Views!!

Chobani Yogurt - Gracie Ann

Gourmet Gift Basket - Janet F.

Lisabelle Swimwear - Dorothy W.
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

L'uvalla Certified Organic Skin Care Products

L'uvalla Orange Toner

L'uvalla is a socially responsible, eco-friendly skin care company that operates with the ideal "commerce with a conscience". This company uses the highest standards in producing their products and adheres to standards of PETA, Whole Foods and COSMEBIO. L'Uvalla products are vegan and organic with no synthetic ingredients. If you think about it should you really use products on your skin, especially your face, that have chemicals in them?
Monday, June 11, 2012

Knots & Stones - Beautiful Eco Friendly Jewelry

                                          Photo Credit: Knots & Stones
Knots & Stones is an internet boutique specializing in jewelry and accessories created with sustainable materials and seeds from the Rain Forest. When you purchase from Knots & Stones you are supporting traditional handicrafts and are providing income for families in the Rain Forest. Every piece of Knots & Stones jewelry is unique, just like snowflakes no two are the same.

Mochi Things Purse Organizer

Photo Credit: Mochi Things

Mochi Things is a really cool online store that offers various products from sticky pads to smartphone cases. The items in Mochi Things inventory are cute and fun. Prices are very reasonable and with the wide selection of products available I recommend Mochi Things for your gift giving needs.

Crazy Dog T Shirts Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the $15. Crazy Dog T Shirts giveway, Rae H.!

Potty Covers for Moms on the Go!

                              Photo Credit: Potty Cover

I recently had the opportunity to test and review a product called Potty Cover through the Tomoson program. I just potty trained my three year old in March and he is still resistant to using an adult size toilet including those in public restrooms. So it is very difficult when we go somewhere and he needs to go to the toilet, that's where Potty Cover comes in.

I don't know how many times I have been in a public restroom and they either don't have toilet seat covers, the dispenser is empty, or the toilet seat covers are made of flimsy paper material. Potty Covers are very sturdy, the paper material is similar to that used in super strength paper towels. Potty Covers have a plastic liner underneath them so if your child gets a little urine on the toilet seat it is quickly absorbed. The first time we tried a Potty Cover with Josh he started to get a little upset because he dribbled some, I told him "it's okay see it soaked up". Potty Covers are designed to cover the sides of the toilet seat too where kids tend to grip the seat. I don't know how many times I took Josh to the bathroom and of course he grabbed on to the toilet seat and I worried about germs, the Potty Cover is a really well thought out and designed product. Another plus to this product is the packaging, they come in individual sealed bags that slip right into your purse. Josh and I were leaving the restroom at the local Wal Mart the other day and were throwing the Potty Cover out when a lady with a toddler asked us what it was. I told her about Potty Covers and  pulled an extra one out of my purse for her to try, this is a really simple product that is very useful for us moms!

Potty Covers are the #1 selling product in their category on Amazon and for good reason. You can check the  Potty Covers website HERE for information on where to buy this great product! They are also available online at EBayAmazonBed Bath & Beyond and Buy Baby Buy.

You can follow Potty Covers on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for product news and specials.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
Sunday, June 10, 2012

Power Capes & Norio Playhouse Giveway Winners

Congrats to the giveaway winners!

Power Capes - Laura J.

Norio Kids Playhouse - Tara K.
Friday, June 8, 2012

Enjoy Hair Care Review & Giveaway

Enjoy Hair Care is a high quality hair care line for hairdressers that is available for sale at select beauty salons nationwide. Enjoy Hair Care products include shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, finishing tools and keratin smoothing products. No matter what your hair type and styling needs Enjoy has a product that will work for you. If you are a hairdresser I highly recommend you try Enjoy products in your salon.

Dad Needs His Day Sweepstakes

Because dads work hard and deserve to be pampered a little too a fellow blogger, Coupons and Friends , has put together a nice gift package just in time for Father's Day! A few lucky winners will walk away with gifts for Dad! The Giveaway will run from 6/10 12:01 AM EST to 6/16 12:01 AM EST.
Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun Totes Review & Giveaway

Photo Credit: FunTote.Com
Side Zipper FunTote in Cotton Design

FunTotes are canvas tote bags that are designed to be not only functional but fashionable. These great tote bags are designed by young visual artists and made in small batches at a facility that manufactures designer clothes. No mass production with poor stitching and low quality material here, Fun Totes are of a high quality. Not only are these tote bags trendy, affordably priced and well made they are also eco friendly and biodegradable! Browse the FunTote catalog HERE and check out all the categories available; baggy, hobo, side zipper, messenger, fun and novelty.

I selected the side zipper Fun Tote in the Cotton design pictured above to review. I honestly did not know what to expect before my new Fun Tote arrived. While cotton tote bags are very functional they are not usually very attractive or fashionable in my view. So I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package from Fun Totes and there was the perfect tote bag for me! The pink color and pattern are gorgeous and quite frankly it does not look like a canvas bag even up close. I love the little side zipper, when I take my little guy Josh to the pool I carry my Fun Tote and  it is very convenient to slip my car keys and cell phone in and easy to find them when it's time to leave.

You can connect with FunTote on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to see new designs and learn about special offers and company news.

And I have some great news for my readers, FunTote has agreed to give one of you a Bubble FunTote like the one pictured below, that's a $32. value! It's really cute and the color is brown (brown is the new black in case you haven't heard). Entry is easy in the Rafflecopter form below.  

                                                                      Photo Credit: FunTote

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a tote bag from FunTote for review purposes. I only recommend products I personally use and my opinions remain my own.
Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gourmet Gift Basket Father's Day Giveaway

                                                 Photo Credit: Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets has a large selection of gift baskets to fit any gift giving need you have whether it is Father's Day or a Get Well basket for a loved one. These are great high quality gift baskets regularly featured in bon appetit, Food & Wine and The Food Network. I received the Classic Snack Gift Basket pictured above to review.

Giveway Winners

Congrats to the winners of two giveaways that just ended!! Lots more giveaways coming so be sure to enter!

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Spin Shade - Ashlee W.
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Instant Trainer Leash Review

                                                  Video Credit: Top TV Stuff The Instant Trainer Leash is an "As Seen on TV" product available for purchase at the Instant Trainer Leash website HERE. This is a veterinarian  approved leash designed to train any type of dog to walk calmly without pulling. The Instant Trainer Leash is available in two sizes, small for dogs 30 lbs and under and large for dogs over 30 lbs. Right now if you order from the company website at there is a buy one get one free special, you pay $17.95 for one leash with shipping and handling and get a second leash for free. In addition you will receive two free sticky rollers which makes this offer worth $25.90! I ordered the Instant Trainer Leash in a size large to try and train my mother's very large basset hound. Putting the Instant Trainer Leash on Howard (my mom's basset hound) was difficult to say the least, it is like a harness and Howard was very uncooperative. Once I managed to get the leash on Howard we took him out for a walk. The results were mixed, after a few minutes Howard did slow some down but he still pulled. I am not certain whether the Instant Trainer Leash is effective or not, I tried two more times to use it with Howard and could not even get it on him. It should be noted that basset hounds are a large and very stubborn breed of dog noted for being difficult to housetrain or actually do anything you want them to do. I decided to give the Instant Trainer Leash a try on my son's beagle Lucy and had much better results, Lucy walked calmly. Lucy is nine years old and has walked on a leash before and is much more compliant about everything in general than Howard is. My recommendation? Go ahead and order an Instant Trainer Leash if you are having trouble walking your dog, you can't go wrong with the price and it has gotten a lot of good reviews with great results. Disclaimer: I received one or more products above for review purposes only. I was in no way required to write a positive review. My opinions as always, are my own. This post may or may not contain affiliate links. Giveaways on this blog are in no way affiliated with Facebook or any other social media networks. The sponsoring company is responsible for all shipping unless otherwise stated. Miss Jackie's Views is not responsible for sponsors not upholding their promises and cannot reimburse you the items or the value of products. Should this occur please contact Miss Jackie's Views and I will do my best to help you achieve promised winnings. - Miss Jackie's Views
Monday, June 4, 2012

Lisabelle Swimwear Review and Giveaway

Lisabelle Swimwear offers California Surf swimwear with East Coast attitude in sizes ranging from girls 4 to 16. Lisa Begega Mignano, owner and head designer, has over 20 years experience in swimsuit design and it shows in the gorgeous swimsuits she has created! Lisabelle Swimwear has been featured in the Swim Journal and Hudson Magazine. In addition to girls one piece, two piecen, tankini, monokini swimsuits Lisabelle Swimwear has juniors separates avaialable for sale. You can purchase Lisabelle Swimwear online at and directly from the company website HERE.

Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles

                             Photo Credit: Jacqueline Y. Griebel

NAME OF PRODUCT: Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles


WHERE TO PURCHASE: Online at and major retailers including Wal Mart

  • Unique FabuSTEP® gel provides all-day comfort
  • Soft Massaging Gel absorbs shock on your heel and provides targeted cushioning for the ball of your foot
  • Slim, ¾ length design won't crowd toes
How to use:
  • Place on top of your current insole
  • No trimming required
  • Replace every 6 months or at first signs of wear

Marvel's Iron Man 3 Starts Production

I received the following press release from Disney to share with my readers.


Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” Commences Principal Photography

In Preparation for May 3, 2013 Film Release

BURBANK, Calif. (June 4, 2012) – Following in the footsteps of the record-breaking Marvel Studios’ release “Marvel’s The Avengers,” production on the highly anticipated film “Iron Man 3,” directed by Shane Black, has commenced production in Wilmington, North Carolina. The production schedule will also include locations in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, Miami, Florida and China.
Sunday, June 3, 2012

Father's Day Gift Idea - Crazy Dog T Shirts

                                                   (Photo Credit: Jacqueline Griebel)
Crazy Dog TShirts has a huge selection of great quality t shirts in just about any category you can think of and they also have a Daily Deal tshirt for $6.99. I selected the tshirt my son John is wearing in the picture above to review. I ordered a size large and the sizing is accurate, it fits John well. I have washed it a few times and have seen no signs of shrinking, fading or pilling. John really likes his Crazy Dog TShirt which is one of many in Crazy Dog's "The Office" category (The Office is his favorite tv show).

Chobani Yogurt Review & Giveaway

Chobani Greek Yogurt is hard to describe in just one word, it is smooth, creamy, flavorful, delectable, healthy, fantastic, versatile. I could go on forever trying to describe this yummy creation by Chobani's Master Yogurt Maker, Mustafa Dogan! Chobani is made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, is gluten free, kosher, safe for people with corn, nut and soy allergies, it has twice the protein of regular yogurt and is made with real fruit. Chobani is a fruit on the bottom yogurt that mixes easily and smoothly when you stir it.
Friday, June 1, 2012

Tipton Charles Apothecary Giveaway Comments

Leave a comment below with a Tipton Charles product you would like to try, what your favorite scent is or something you learned about the company.