Friday, June 22, 2012

Loreal Consumer Testing - Sample Loreal Products in the Research Stage

There are many consumer testing programs, some of which I participate in. You might have signed up in the past for a survey or testing program that promises "rewards" or full size products only to find out that you are expected to fill out very lengthy surveys on a frequent basis and yet you never "qualify" for the promised rewards or receive anything from the company. Loreal Consumer Testing is not like that, it is not as well known as other programs because they do not openly solicit members.

When you sign up for Loreal Consumer Testing you fill out a simple survey. Once a month you will receive an email with qualification surveys for upcoming studies. The qualification surveys are very easy to complete and there are usually only one or two that you are asked to complete. If you qualify for a study Loreal will send you a product that is in the research stage of production. You have to agree not to discuss the product, fill out a survey about your experience, and return the leftover product (they provide a return envelope with paid postage). For every five qualification surveys you complete Loreal sends you a full size product and for every study you complete they send you two full size products. In the past I have received Lancome and Garnier Fructis products. The really cool thing about this program is the mysteriousness of it, when you do a study the product they send you to test has no labels or packaging. I realized when I did a recent eyelash curler study for Loreal that I was getting to test a product not on the market and was part of something really exclusive!

If you are interested in joining Loreal Consumer Testing they are always accepting members, you can go HERE to sign up.


  1. April Harden-HaleJune 22, 2012 at 11:02 PM

    This sounds great!!! I am def checking it out. I use alot of Loreal products already.

  2. That's totally awesome. My husband would kill me if I joined something else but the program seems pretty cool.

    1. You should join Bertha! Seriously it is the program that takes the least amount of my time, only do surveys once a month and it takes like five minutes. And the products they send are great!

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  4. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea until reading this that L'Oreal had a program that people could sign up for & test their products.
    I'll definitely be signing up & hoping that they accept me.