Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lucy The Beagle

                                                                    Lucy and Johnny

My son Johnny's sweet beagle Lucy is not doing too well. She is 11 years old and has slowed down recently, beagles don't have quite as long a life expectancy as some dogs. We adopted her when Johnny turned 10 years old and she's a big part of the family. She has always been timid and sweet in nature, the Humane Society told us when we adopted her that the previous owner gave her up because she was gun shy and wouldn't hunt, they also thought he had possibly mistreated her. My husband likes to joke that the only thing Lucy hunts is bologna and hot dogs!

We adopted this sweet little beagle shortly after my husband had a bad construction accident, he couldn't work for about a year and Lucy became his companion while I was at work and Johnny was at school. She is very smart and was easy to housetrain. When we take her for a walk we don't have to use a leash, she never runs off. We can also let her outside to run because she stays out of trouble and always comes home. And of course she's very good with our little Josh. Lucy will jump in your lap and cuddle. Because of the blog I get packages all the time from FedEx and UPS, the FedEx guy carries treats in his truck for Lucy and the UPS guy always has to pet her before he leaves.

Johnny took Lucy to the Vet yesterday and the news isn't great. She has several lumps, very bad teeth, arthritis in her legs and either a bladder infection or kidney disease. We have to take her back Wednesday for more testing. I am not a huge animal or for that matter dog lover but Lucy is very important to all of us here. I was afraid that she wasn't go to come back home this morning when Johnny took her to the Vet, I thought they might want to put her down. I am  hoping that Wednesday brings good news for this sweet beagle that loves everyone.


  1. I hope Lucy feels better. I know how it is to love a dog and to have them get ill. She sounds like a great dog.

  2. Aw so sorry! I think you have become a huge dog fan through Lucy's eyes. It is so hard to go through this. We too are having a hard time with our dog Buddy. He is rescue Lab and we have had him for 6yrs. He is terrified of the vehicles. It is hard to take him to the vet. We have to give him something to relax him to make the trip. we think he was in a bad car accident, he had truma to his front leg. He is now limping and having a hard time on rainy days getting around. I see him failing and it is so hard, He has been a wonderful dog. He lets the granddaughters crawl on him and and lay on him. My one granddaughter fell asleep on him. He is one big boy! He weighs about 150 now. So he is a very big part of our lives. O h and no he is not over weight, he is just a huge dog. Love him to pieces, hair and all. =)

    1. Thanks for you kind words! I'm sorry to hear your lab Buddy is not doing well. We had a black lab named Nikki years ago, she was so gentle, they are a great breed! I hope Buddy rallies and feels better soon :)

  3. I am sorry to hear about Lucy. I know how it is to lose a dog. We had to put two dogs down before because they had gotten old and were just not doing well. it was very hard. Your son is in my prayers because this will hurt for a little while. I am sorry for your family though.

  4. I am sorry to hear about Lucy. I know how your family feels, we have had to put down a dog before. She was part of the family and we miss her dearly.

  5. I really love dogs a lot! I think beagles are the cutest! I am praying all day today for Lucy! Get well Lucy!

  6. Oh dear, That is too bad. We got a Beagle as a pup and he only live 2 months because he was born with a congenital heart defect. The vet said it is quite common in Beagles to have heart problems. I couldn't bring myself to get another Beagle. I am not trying to minimize the situation at all, I just have to suggest to your son to rejoice! Rejoice in the 11 yrs Lucy has been with you knowing that most Beagles don't make it that long. Lucy and your son will be in my prayers tonight, I hope she recovers enough to give you a few more years.

    On a lighter note~ the first glance I took of the picture, without reading the title, I thought Lucy was an old man haha, with those glasses on, and he looks like he is sporting a beard. I cracked up when I realized it was a dog. I'm such a Dork

  7. I will keep Lucy in my thoughts and Prayers.
    I Am a huge pet lover. We have 2 dogs and 5 cats
    All are rescues except for one of the cats.
    Rescue is the only way to go.

    I believe that the pet you rescue knows and is grateful.
    Lucy sounds like a very loveable girl. I hope she doesn't have to suffer.
    It is a hard decision when a beloved furry member of the family comes to the
    End of their journey. But she will let you know when its time. God bless