Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kids Stuff "Little Boys and Dirty Knees"

It is summer which means lots of time spent outdoors for my little guy Josh. It also means playing in mud puddles, sand, the creek and rolling around in the yard. Usually when he comes in at night he is about five shades darker from all the dirt he has gathered during his busy day. Of course I make him get in the bathtub when he is all dirty, being a typical three year old boy he usually goes with a little fuss. So I scrub him and wash his hair but when he gets out the tub his little knees are still dirty.

The dilemma of little boys and dirty knees has dogged me for years. When my oldest son John (he is 18 now and takes his own baths/showers) was a little boy he always had dirty knees in the summer time. I asked my mother for advice and she said she had the same problem when my sister and I were growing up, no matter what she tried our knees never came clean after scrubbing in the tub. Mom is convinced that the dirt gets baked in by the sun when kids play outside. And I remember discussing this topic with my sister-in-law Caroline whose son is the same age as my John, she even tried scrubbing her son's knees with a nail brush to no avail.
                                                      Photo Credit: Tree Hut

I recently found a solution to the little boys with dirty knees problem and thought I would share it with my readers! A few weeks ago when I had Josh in the tub I tried to clean his knees and it just wasn't working. Then I noticed my tub of Tree Hut Original Shea Scrub on the edge of the bath tub. I thought well I use it to exfoliate my skin and it has moisturizing shea butter in it so it shouldn't be too harsh on Josh's knees. I put some on a washcloth and gently scrubbed his knees and voila they were clean! I started using it on his feet too, he usually loses his shoes at some point during the day and runs free resulting in very dirty feet. No more scrubbing until Josh's skin is red and no more dirty knees! 

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I did not receive any product or compensation from Tree Hut for this post. It is a product I discovered and wanted to share with my readers.


  1. Maybe a little lotion would loosen up stuff. So cute. I still have memories of 2 boys little ones coated in wet mud from head to toe and throwing them in the tub! Take pictures!!! Rita Spratlen

  2. That is such a great idea! I'm going to try exfoliating scrub on my knees and feet now!

  3. I love trying out body scrubs, I get really dry ankles and heels and pampering myself with a good scrub always feels great!