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Tuesday Night Flash Giveaway - Wholly Guacamole Prize Pack 9pm-midnight

Welcome to the Wholly Guacamole Flash Giveaway! 

You have the chance to win a cooler full of Wholly Guacamole Products! 

If you would like to see a recipe for their products, you can view one here

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Winner must claim prize within 48 hours or another winner is selected! 


The blankZ - A reusable toy that lets your kids be creative

The blankZ  are a patent pending plush toy created by Glenn Rudin, founder of Always Been Creative Inc. What makes blankZ unique? You can color your blankZ, wash it in your washing machine, and start all over again.  The blankZ are available for sale at the company website HERE and at select retailers also listed on the company website.

There are seven different blankZ animals available right now and each blankZ comes with instructions and five special markers for use in coloring your blankZ. The Series 1 styles of blankZ available include Bare (bear), Un-sealed (seal), Ele-Faint (elephant), Bare Hare (rabbit), Bloink (pig), No Bully (cow), and White Hound (dog). The blankZ are reasonably priced at $13.99 per kit (plush animal, drop card, and markers).

                          Un-Sealed blankZ and markers

I received the Un-Sealed (seal) blankZ for review purposes and my sons really enjoy it, especially my preschooler. Unlike a coloring book where you are supposed to stay within the lines when coloring, with the blankZ children can color any way they want and if they don't like the results you can just wash it and let them start over again. And younger children really like being able to actually color on a stuffed animal since they are usually told not to use crayons and markers on their toys. The blankZ seal I received is very durable and made of good material, we have washed it seven times already with no signs of fraying or wear and tear.

I really like the clever concept of this toy and the planning that went in to it along with the endless possibilities for kids to express themselves creatively. One reader of Miss Jackie's Views is going to win a blankZ of their choice from the Series 1 line! Entry is easy in the Rafflecopter form below. Winner will be notified via email. Sponsor is responsible for delivery of prize.

Disclosure: I received a sample of blankZ to facilitate my review. I only recommend products I personally use and my opinions remain my own.

Stop by all these blogs to win:

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The latest trend in shopping Me-Ality

I read about this really cool service called me-ality the other day. Have you ever noticed the disparity in sizes between clothing lines/stores? I'm a size 2 in Liz Claiborne, a size 4 in Old Navy and a size 8 in Gap clothing. The me-ality lets you know what your true size is for each designer/store. You step in to a scanner and in ten seconds it matches your measurements with clothes that will flatter your body shape. The me-ality is available at various malls throughout the country and a personal shopping guide for each store in the mall you are at is provided. I always spend a lot of time looking for stores that have anything in petite sizes and am really excited about this! No more wasting time going from store to store and looking through racks the personalized shopping guide will tell you which stores in the mall have your sizes, what size you wear in that stores clothing, and will give you recommendations on what pieces to buy at each store for different style looks. Watch the video above and go check out me-ality HERE to learn more and find a location near you.

If anyone has heard of me-ality or tried it leave a comment please, I'm really curious about this service.

College Corner - New SAT and ACT test dates are available.

The College Admissions Board has released the schedule of SAT Tests for Fall 2012-Spring 2013. It is recommended that high school seniors and adults who are considering college for next year schedule and take the test early so that you have time to take the test(s) again if you are not satisfied with your results. You really don't want to wait until late spring to take your tests in case you find the need to re-take one or you will be out of time for most college admission applications.

To see the complete list of scheduled  SAT test dates go HERE .

For information and test dates for the ACT go HERE.

Trending Right Now - White Nails

                                              Photo Property of Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com  No copyright infringement intended.

White nails for summer can be a fun look as modeled by Nelly Furtado in the pic above. They contrast nicely against that summer tan and are very trendy right now. This look is super easy to do at home, check out the brief article HERE to learn how.

Kids Stuff - Best Fudge Brownies

                                                  Photo Credit: Family Fun No infringement intended

It's always great to spend time with your kids in the kitchen. My little guy Josh loves to be a helper and he really likes to bake. Like most kids his favorite part of baking is licking the spoon after we mix things up! One of our favorite recipes is this super easy Best Fudge Brownies recipe from Family Fun. For the recipe go HERE.
Monday, July 30, 2012
Welcome to the Bag Blaze Purse

 Flash Giveaway

Be sure to visit all of the blogs involved in this wonderful giveaway and see what they have to offer you and your family! 

If you have not read BB Product Reviews review of the Bag Blaze Purse, you can read it here


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Fridays just got a lot better at Miss Jackie's Views!

I am starting two new events on Fridays - Frugal Fashion Friday and Free Lunch Friday!

Frugal Fashion Friday is sponsored by the blog Just Another Static Heart. I will be writing a weekly blog post on how you can still be fashionable and save money doing so. Several other bloggers are participating and there will be a linky where you can visit each blog for some great fashion tips.

I had planned on starting Free Lunch Friday last week but unfortunately we had severe storms in my area which knocked the power and internet out (these things always seem to happen when I have something planned) so it will start this Friday, August 3rd. It will be a 3 hour flash giveaway where the winner will get to select a restaurant gift card of their choice so they can treat themselves to lunch!

Almondina Review & Giveaway

This giveaway is hosted by the blog The Mom Show. You can go  here to read her review of these yummy cookies! She is giving away a sampler of these scrumptious cookies.

Blogger Opp

The Nexus 7 Giveaway Event hosted by Mom Powered Media

Prize: Nexus 7 Tablet

The event dates: 8/16 - 9/6

Sign-Up Here – Bloggers Wanted


Congratulations to my newest Fan Of The Week Yolanda Robinson!! Yolanda selected a Hearts to Hearts doll for her prize. I appreciate every one of my followers and my Fan Of The Week contest is a way for me to give back. Every week I select a new Fan Of The Week based on comments, shares and likes on my Facebook fan page and giveaway entries and comments on my blog posts.

The Fan Of The Week gets to select a prize of their choice from a list I give them. You are eligible to be Fan Of The Week once every six months.

Zing Toys Crossbow

Zing Toys makes high quality toys for high action play. They have all kinds of cool toys that make my husband and I glad to be parents (we get to play with this stuff and say it's for the kids). Zing Toys are sold at many major retailers including Wal Mart, Target and Toys R US. You can check them out on FACEBOOK to learn about new products etc. 

Wholesome Sweeteners Review & Gift Basket Giveaway

Wholesome Sweeteners based in Sugar Land, Texas supplies organic,fair-trade, natural, eco-friendly sugars and sweetener products throughout North America. The company offers multiple varieties of sugars, sweetening products, honey, corn syrup and flavored syrups. You can follow Wholesome Sweeteners on FACEBOOK and check out their blog The Sugar Club which has an extensive database of over 35,000 recipes.

Original Sprout Luxury Body Care & Baby Care Review/Giveaway

Original Sprout is a family owned company that manufactures safe, non-toxic, high performance hair and skin care products for the whole family. Original Sprout offers hair care, body care, sun care and baby care products. Many celebrities including Brooke Shields and Laura Dern use and endorse Original Sprout  products.
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Giveaway Winners

OOFos Sandals - Nina K.

Hadaki Handbag -  Jessica S.

Pong iPhone Case Giveaway 9 pm - Midnight

Pong Research iPhone 4/4S Case 

Flash Giveaway

Welcome to the Pong Research iPhone 4/4S Case Flash Giveaway!

to bring our fans this FLASH Giveaway! It will run from 6 PM CST until 11 PM CST!

If you have not read the review of the Pong Research iPhone 4/4S Review, you can read it here.


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Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email or another winner will be selected!


Bagluxe Handbag Review & Giveaway

I just love handbags and I know that a lot of my followers do too, so I am really pleased to offer a review and giveaway from a recently launched handbag company that offers affordable and chic handbags, Bagluxe. Bagluxe takes its inspiration from Hollywood celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff and offers celebrity handbags so that every woman can look like a Hollywood fashionista!

Here are just a few of the beautiful handbags that Bagluxe sells.  You can see why I had a hard time deciding which bag I wanted to review!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

hbl Hair Care

There are a lot of hair care  products/lines on the market and it seems like every day there is a new one and it's hard to tell whether they are beneficial or healthy for you and your hair. hbl Hair Care products are formulated to prevent thinning and hair and restore hair without the use of damaging chemicals. Patrick Dockry, developer of hbl Hair Care and hair stylist, set out to create a product to help those with hair loss/damage due to the side effects of chemotherapy after his own brother battled non-Hodgkins lymphoma and several friends were diagnosed with cancer. 

Unjunk Your Junk Food - Guest Book Review

                                  Image from Amazon.com and for demonstration purposes only, no infringement intended.
This is a guest post contributed by my blogger friend Gracie over at Gracie's Spacie:

While everyone I know plus their sisters, mothers and nieces are reading 50 Shades of Grey, here I am reading Unjunk Your Junk Food.

Nerdy?  No.  

Boring?  Never.

Smart? Absolutely.

I have always been conscientious of my health.  I exercise.  I eat healthy.  I journal my calories.  The result?  I've kept off 17 extra unwanted pounds for the past 5 years.  

So when I was given the opportunity to review the book "Unjunk Your Junk Food" I was stoked!  After all, it was pinned on my Pinterest as "A MUST READ BOOK!"

I learned so much reading the book but before I get into the specifics, let me just say this is an EASY read.  Kudos to the authors, Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer for the layout of this book.  On one side of the book (the left side if you will) you will find the "bad choices" of foods you should avoid.  On the other side (the right side ironically) you will find the "approved" choices.  

What I like about this book is that there ARE other choices to choose from.  Most diet books, magazines, etc. tell you what you should avoid.  PERIOD. They seldom give you an alternative for the bad food and if they do, it is something you can only find on the planet Mars.  

Here are my favorite SHOCKERS that were on the naughty list:
  • Crystal Light (aspartame a/k/a artificial sweeteners are a NO NO!) 
  • Diet Pepsi (along with the aspartame this soda also contains potassium benzoate which is a preservative)
  • Skinny Cow (this cut deep for me!) (contains partially hydrogenated oils, i.e. trans fats and high fructose corn syrup) - trans fat in a skinny cow? It just doesn't mesh.
  • Life Savers SUGAR FREE Hard Candy (say it isn't so!) (contains artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and artificial colors) - this candy isn't saving any lives with all that fake!
I could go on and on about more junk food favorites that are in this book but I won't be the bearer of ALL bad news....

The good news is there are healthy alternatives to each favorite junk food we have stashed away in our cupboards.  The authors provide an easy index in the back of the book to quickly locate if an item you have in stock or are buying is on the approved list.  I used this index the other day to quickly find that YAY! BALANCE BARS ARE ON THE APPROVED LIST!  (If anyone hasn't tried those you are missing out on a healthy alternative to a candy bar!)  

As a health nut, I've seen many others try to mimic what the authors of this book attempt to bring their readers.  Here's the difference:  These authors take the time to not only point out what items are bad but also tell you WHY they are bad and then offer you alternatives.  Usually I see something like: BAD: milk chocolate.  BETTER: dark chocolate.  Why? What kind of dark chocolate? No question is left unanswered in this book.  

Even better, this book is small enough to fit in your purse.  That's where I have kept mine for the past week and I cannot believe how many times I have referred to it.  There is a glossary of ingredients which is very helpful when reading labels on the back of a product.  

I hope the authors come up with a sequel to this book! I would definitely buy it.  

While fantasizing about Christian Grey may be the trend right now, my health comes first!  Thank you Unjunk Your Junk Food for an eye opening read!

You can purchase a copy of Unjunk Your Junk Food from Amazon.com HERE.

Rewined Candles "Candles With A Purpose"

Here's one of the coolest products I have reviewed recently, Rewined Candles. These great soy candles are hand made in Charleston, South Carolina from repurposed wine bottles. Rewined candles are available in nine scents. Here's the cool part, Rewined candles are blended to mimic different varieties of wine, I doubt you are going to find a wine scented candle anywhere else! 
Friday, July 27, 2012

Pillow Tag Fundraiser - help pregnant ladies everywhere!

                                             Video Credit: BellyRest
A young lady named Kerri Smith spent two years developing a support pillow for pregnant ladies. After two years of research and 14 prototypes she had the design for the perfect pillow to help expecting moms rest more comfortably. But when Kerri went to set up online sales she discovered that she has to pay $4,460. a year to REGISTER the tags she is required to put on her pillows. She hit a roadblock with her great invention and is not able to market and sell her pillows due to these government regulations (she has to pay those fees every year). Not to be deterred Kerri has set up a fundraiser, if she can raise the required $4,460. by August 15th her company, Belly Rest can proceed and sell these high quality pillows.
Kerri and her friend even made a video which I posted above, it's hilarious!! To read the full story and learn more about Belly Rest pillows go HERE. And for my local readers Kerri is not too far from us in State College, PA and the pillows will be manufactured in Williamsport, PA. If you are a fellow Pennsylvanian you know how many factories have shut down and how many jobs have been lost in recent years, supporting Belly Rest will put money back in to PA!

FLASH GIVEAWAY - Zoobie Pet 9 pm - midnight

Zoobies Flash Giveaway 

Welcome to the Zoobies Flash Giveaway! 

You can read Savior Cents's review of the Zoobies here

All entries are verified
Open to US ONLY 
Winner will have 48 hours to reply to winning email or another winner will be selected

Use the form below to enter

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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College Corner - A new service to help parents raise college funds!


Introducing College Registry: New Service Helps Parents Raise Funds for College Education!

It's no secret - raising a child/children is a hefty investment. A recent report by the Department of Agriculture showed that the cost of raising a child is estimated at $234,900. And college costs aren’t included in that figure!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

24 Hour $10. Pay Pal Cash Giveaway (Ends midnight July 26th)

The Mommy Island is sponsoring this special 24 hour giveaway for $10. PayPal Cash to help promote the great Schylling Toys giveaway we are hosting! How cool is that? You could win $10. just for entering an awesome toy giveaway!! Enter in the Rafflecopter form below, Good Luck!!

 Rafflecopter giveaway

buycostumes.com Giveaway

                            Josh modeling the Buy Costume Everlast Toddler Costume

buycostumes.com is the web's most popular costume store and for good reason. They offer costumes for everyone ranging from babies to men and women. Buycostumes.com also sells shoes and various accessories to complete your look. If you are looking for an affordable quality costume look no further than buycostumes.com. They offer free exchanges and if you sign up for their email newsletter you will save 15% off your order.

Lilla Rose Clearance Sale!

Ladies if you are looking for some quality hair clips for yourself or daughters check out Lilla Rose! They are having a clearance sale on their beautiful hair accessories!! 

CLEARANCE ITEMS are specially marked items with reduced pricing by at least 30% for the next 4 days. Offer starts at 12:01AM on July 25, 2012 and ends 11:59PM on July 28, 2012 Pacific Standard Time.
APPLICABLE ITEMS: 1-0490, 1-1434, 2-0288, 2-0289, 2-0523, 3-0429, 3-0541, 4-0180, 4-1425, 6-0720, 6-0930, 6-1359, 8-0318, 8-1054.

Click HERE to check out these beautiful hair accessories and great deals!
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Classic Style -The Sheath Dress

Of all the dress styles the sheath dress is my favorite. I am wearing one of my black ones (I have three in black) in the pic above. I also have sheath dresses in navy, pink, tangerine, and plum. I just love the versatility of a sheath dress! You can wear one alone in the warmer months and wear one with a classic white button down and tights in winter. You can throw a sweater or blazer over one and can accessorize with a 16" necklace like I did or a really long strand of beads.

                                                                 Photo property of fanpop.com
The sheath dress  is structured to follow the contours of your body and is a great choice for all body types. The sheath dress is considered very chic, think Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn.  Leave a comment and let me know if you own a sheath dress or have ever worn one, they are one of  my personal favorites!

Soda Stream Giveaway!!!

THIS REVIEW WAS WRITTEN BY KARA OF Kara's Deals and Steals. She is also the host of this awesome giveaway!!

My husband and I are MAJOR soda lovers. We spend an endless amount of money feeding our Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi habits. I was extremely excited to get the goodies pictured above. I have always been curious about the SodaStream and have heard it is a great way to conserve money rather than continuously buying 12-24 packs of soda at the store.

Cleopatra's Choice Argan Oil

Cleopatra's Choice offers skin care products from around the world. They sell body care, skin care, men's care and fragrances. Cleopatra's Choice has a product for just about every skin condition from acne to psoriasis. If you subscribe to their email newsletter you can enter to win a $300. gift basket and the company has free shipping on orders over $49. some nice perks for ordering from Cleopatra's Choice!

Anatomy of a shoe

                                                    Photo Property of StyleandFashionTips.com

Shoes are called brogans, kicks, footwear, shoeleather and many other things. Did you know that each part of a shoe has a specific name? The illustration above from Style and Fashion Tips.com points out the various parts of a shoe.

Striped Shirt Review & Giveaway

stripedshirt has 15 color combinations of striped shirts for men, women, babies and children. They offer fun, fashionable shirts built just for you with their two color combination shirts. Stripedshirt has created a clever fashion item based on a simple concept, a striped tshirt. The company founder, Laura Beck, set out to create fashionable fan wear that is suitable for kids and women.

Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy was born February 20, 1920 the second daughter of Joe and Rose Kennedy. She was vibrant and merry even as a child. Her nickname was "Kick" and she was JFK's favorite sister. Kick was attractive but not what you would call beautiful. She was one of those people whose personality made her sparkle. She had excellent taste in clothes and was always fashionably dressed. She also had impeccable manners and a grace of her own. Following Joe Kennedy's service as Embassador to Britain Kick returned to England to serve with the Red Cross.
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Flash Giveaway Chobani Greek Yogurt 9 pm - 12 midnight

Giveaway Winners

Congrats to my newest winners here on the blog!!

Bath Blocks - Irma H.

Imusa Panini Press - Debbie W.

If you didn't win there are lots of great giveaways open with many more to come! Go HERE for more great giveaway opportunities!!

Beauty Box 5 Review

Monthly subscription services are becoming very popular and I had the opportunity to review a new one, Beauty Box 5. For $12. a month you receive a box of 4 or 5 samples of popular beauty products. It's a great idea, you can try a new product out without paying full price and maybe finding you don't like the product or it doesn't suit you.
Sunday, July 22, 2012

College Corner - Save money with Campus Book Rentals

With the start of the fall semester rapidly approaching for my son and thousands of other college students I thought now would be a good time to share a great way to save money with my readers, renting college textbooks. For any incoming freshman and their parents who are unaware textbooks at the college book store can be very costly. My son's first semester it was over $700. for books! That's where Campus Book Rentals comes in. You can rent the textbooks you need and save a ton of money. 

The Men At My House

                                             John, Josh & Johnny

 The one on the left is the husband AKA Mr. Jackie's Views. Tomorrow is his birthday (July 23rd). I won't say how old he will be but I like to think that he has held up pretty well after 22 years hanging out with me. The first time I saw him I thought he looked like Patrick Swayze (it was 1989 and Dirty Dancing was THE movie that summer).  Oh to be young and in love again! Seriously he's a very hard worker and doesn't have any hobbies except work. When I hear women complain about the husband going off to hunting camp, or fishing or watching football all day I can't say I know what that's like. John likes to work and play with the boys and that's about it. He can be a handful and VERY stubborn but he is cute too look at when he's sleeping. Oh and he also has nice "buns".

The little one in the middle that looks bashful? That's Josh aka Wild Man. Got a quick temper like his mama and he's a scrapper (I call him my Irish boxer). Don't let the look in the picture fool you, he is VERY outgoing and social. Josh looks and is built exactly like his dad except for his eyes (he inherited the Asian eyes from my side of the family). He has been known to tell random girls/women at Wal Mart "You pretty girl". Josh has no fear of anything and is constantly on the go, and I mean constantly. He is a real sweetheart, loves everyone and is full of joy! He is also a prankster and likes to tease. Just last week he stole his grandma's bra out of her room and ran outside yelling 'booby holder". And we have no idea where he comes up with some of this stuff, we are pretty straight laced around the house. And when Josh smiles at you his dimples come out and his eyes shine and light up, he's a charmer! Has a very good mind and sharp memory, I'm curious to see where life takes him. He's more easygoing than his older brother and just goes with the flow.

The tall one on the right (he says he's not tall but I am only  5'2" so he looks tall to me)  would be the other son John aka John Boy. He's my college student and he's always busy. This summer he is working, taking a computer class for college, traveling with his race team on weekends and socializing with the young ladies when he finds time. He is very intelligent (went to Harvard when he was 16) but likes to downplay that side of himself. He is quiet and gentle but can be stubborn like his dad. And sometimes he gives me headaches, he decided at the last minute he wants to transfer to UNC for motorsports engineering so now mommy gets to scramble around and get him admitted and all his financial aid/scholarships transferred. But he knows I'll do it, I would do anything for my sons just like any other parent out there.  I miss the little boy in the Power Ranger costume that I swear was running around the house just the other day but I am proud of the young man he has become and enjoy talking with him about various things on an adult level.

Conscious Box Review

If you haven't heard of Conscious Box it is a great monthly subscription service, packed full of samples, delivered right to your home with healthy products that are handpicked just for you from businesses that are friendly to the planet. Subscribing to Conscious Box is a great way to discover some of the purest products available from ethical businesses! When you order Conscious Box not only are you getting healthy products you are helping the environment, pretty cool!  If you are looking for a unique eco-friendly gift you can send a Conscious Box, they have several gift options available.

Second Chance Hadaki Handbag Giveaway

Since the Hadaki handbag gift card giveaway was so hugely popular I have decided to host another giveaway. The lucky winner will receive the handbag that Hadaki sent me, I have 47 handbags/purses not counting totes and clutches so I will probably have something to carry without the Hadaki handbag in my collection!

As promised here is the giveaway, I will personally ship this gorgeous Hadaki handbag to the luck winner of this giveaway!! This giveaway will end at midnight July 28th, just in time for the launch of my Bagluxe handbag giveaway the next day!  Winner will be notified via email and has 48 hours to respond. All entries will be verified. For the Enter A  Giveaway, Share on Facebook, and Leave a blog post comment options you can enter once daily but must enter a different giveaway each time or comment on a different post.

Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to my newest giveaway winners here on the blog:

Headline Shirts - Kimberly R.

Hadaki Handbag Gift Card Giveaway  - Rosann M.

Chocolate Fortunes Giveaway -  2 dozen cookies   Sky R.

                                                  Giant Cookie        Kris

Soylicious Melter Gems

I discovered a new product that I will be reviewing and offering a giveaway of here at Miss Jackie's Views called Soylicious Melter Gems! Check out the SoyLicious website and Facebook page and make sure to stop back and enter the giveaway when it goes live the week of August 3rd!
Saturday, July 21, 2012

Schylling Toys Prize Pack Giveaway! Three toys valued at $75.

The Mommy Island  along with several other great bloggers are excited to host this Fun Giveaway!

With special thanks to our sponsor Schylling for offering up
 3 awesome toys for one lucky winner!

 Check out Becky from The Mommy Island's review of the Scuttle Bug to see the toy in action!

One winner will receive the following toys: a  Scuttlebug, a Sprig Dino Adventure Rig  and a Balloon Powered Boat
Friday, July 20, 2012

Del Sol Color Changing Products Review & Giveaway

I discovered some really cool products when I reviewed Del Sol, the world's leading color changing apparel and accessories company. If you have ever been on a cruise you might be familiar with Del Sol, they are the #1 promoted merchant on all the major cruise lines. In addition to color changing apparel Del Sol sells toys, nail polish, key chains, sunglasses, tote  bags and all kinds of jewelry. Del Sol products change color when they are exposed to sunlight. In case you are wondering how the products change colors go read the explanation from Del Sol HERE. It is something called Spectrachrome technology and Miss Jackie is not good at explaining scientific/technical things.


Congratulations to Donna Jacobson our new Fan of the Week!! To be selected Fan of the Week like and share statuses on Facebook and stop by the blog and enter some giveaways or leave comments. Winner gets to select a prize from a list I provide.

You are eligible to be fan of the week once every six months!

BH Cosmetics Tutorial

                            Video Credit: BH Cosmetics
Purchase BHCosmetics: http://www.bhcosmetics.com/ 
Thursday, July 19, 2012

Free Blogger Opp - Glass Handbag Giveaway (Up to $1,000 Value)

I found a great blogger opportunity to join a giveaway for a custom made designer handbag from a Las Vegas designer. The event is being hosted by Jen's Blah Blah Blog and Diva FabulosaThe price of these handbags start at $580. and go really high! These handbags are really unique and I'm joining the giveaway to give my readers a chance to win one!!

A few notes from Miss Jackie

I just wanted to share a few quick updates with my readers. For my long time followers my son John's beagle Lucy is not doing well again. She actually can't walk anymore and we are taking her back to the vet to see if she can be helped or if it would be better to let her go. She is in fairly good health except for the leg problem, but she is in a lot of pain and has lost weight.

 I have been working very hard to get my giveaways done and posted, there are a few new ones that started tonight. I have joined some blogger opportunities hosted by other blogs for some really great prizes including a kids bouncy house, Coach bag, Kindle and a huge back to school giveaway. Those giveaways will be posted in the coming weeks. Being a smaller blog it is hard for me to get sponsors for big prizes and I wanted to bring opportunities to my followers to win some great things!

Curvy Kate D-K Cup Lingerie Review & Giveaway

Curvy Kate offers gorgeous lingerie and swimwear for women in sizes D thru K cup. Curvy Kate strives to make girls feel fabulous about their figure and while they target the young fashion conscious consumer they focus on attitude rather than age. Curvy Kate is based in the U.K. and is sold at several upscale stores in the US. You can also purchase Curvy Kate lingerie and swimwear online. Go HERE to search for retailers by country or order online.

Balance Bar commemorates S'mores Day with a special giveaway!

Ahhhhh...s’mores...the delicious dessert comprised of graham crackers, gooey marshmallows and melting chocolate. So good that everyone wants “some more.” And so popular that this traditional campfire treat
has its own annual holiday. August 10th is S’mores Day! But if you don’t have time to gather wood and sit under the stars, you can still take a celebratory break and enjoy the convenience and taste of Balance Bar S’mores. Balance Bar®, one of America’s original nutrition/energy bar leaders, has recreated the favorite campfire treat to provide a healthier option.

Hidden Treasure Soy Candle Giveaway

This Review/Giveaway post was written by the host blog SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways

All Hidden Treasures  candles are hand poured with natural soy waxy and  are made with a special hemp wick that burns clean. Each candle is hand made with love and attention in Hershey, PA. In every candle is a hidden treasure.

Newman's Own Foods Flash Giveaway 9 pm - 12 midnight July 19th

Newman's Own Organics Flash Giveaway 

Welcome to the Newman's Own Organics Flash Giveaway!!

If you haven't read Living Frugal with Erika's review of Newman's Own Organics, you can read it here

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