Friday, July 20, 2012

Del Sol Color Changing Products Review & Giveaway

I discovered some really cool products when I reviewed Del Sol, the world's leading color changing apparel and accessories company. If you have ever been on a cruise you might be familiar with Del Sol, they are the #1 promoted merchant on all the major cruise lines. In addition to color changing apparel Del Sol sells toys, nail polish, key chains, sunglasses, tote  bags and all kinds of jewelry. Del Sol products change color when they are exposed to sunlight. In case you are wondering how the products change colors go read the explanation from Del Sol HERE. It is something called Spectrachrome technology and Miss Jackie is not good at explaining scientific/technical things.

One of the items I received for review was Del Sol Color changing nail polish. There are several shades of this polish available. When the bottle is indoors the polish appears silver/white, when it dries after application it appears clear with small silver metallic specks in it. I did my nails and went outside and the Ruby Slipper polish I applied really did turn colors! Del Sol nail polish is fun and affordably priced at $10. a bottle. I did notice that Del Sol nail polish starts to chip and peel after a few days if you apply it.

Del Sol also sent me the cute color changing tshirt pictured for my little guy Josh. Josh just loves this shirt! When he goes outside he keeps looking down to see the colors that magically appear; one day he tripped because he kept looking at his shirt. Del Sol carries shirts, swimwear and cruisewear for adults as well as children. I wasn't sure about how to launder this tshirt but when I checked the label I discovered you launder it the same as a regular tshirt, just make sure not to add bleach when you wash. I have laundered this tshirt a few times and it does not shrink or fade and the color changing properties still work.

The last item I reviewed was the color changing flower necklace from Del Sol. If you look at the first picture above notice the  flower is white, the photo was taken indoors. In the second picture the flower has turned pink, this photo was taken after I went outside with the necklace on.  In addition to some cute necklaces Del Sol also sells earrings, rings, and bracelets. Del Sol jewelry is whimsical and fun and comes in a variety of colors and options.

You can follow Del Sol on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for product news and specials. I am giving one of my followers a chance to win the pink flower necklace pictured above. Entry is easy in the Rafflecopter form below and is open to US Only. 

Disclosure: I received products from Del Sol to facilitate my review. I only recommend products I personally use and my opinions remain my own.

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  1. I love that necklace! Makes me want to book a vacation to Hawaii!

  2. I think the items from the Del Sol collection are so pretty! I have never heard of this website! The flower changes colors! How unique!