Thursday, July 26, 2012

College Corner - A new service to help parents raise college funds!


Introducing College Registry: New Service Helps Parents Raise Funds for College Education!

It's no secret - raising a child/children is a hefty investment. A recent report by the Department of Agriculture showed that the cost of raising a child is estimated at $234,900. And college costs aren’t included in that figure!

If your heart is pounding because you're a new parent or already raising a few rug rats- it might be time to stop buying toys that will gather dust in the closet and start looking at gifts as a way to invest in their future.
FiPath, an independent site providing financial education for consumers, has launched College Registry™, a unique, new service that helps parents achieve college savings goals with help from friends and family.

Link to press release:
Parents can register for FREE on College Registry to:

Learn the estimated cost to attend a specific college using a college cost estimator that breaks down cost details at the top 130 colleges and universities

Use a suite of planning tools to help determine college education savings goals, including how much money they need to raise from family and friends

Create a profile highlighting their savings goals

Share their profile with family and friends via an email platform, who can then contribute funds for college directly to the user through a secure PayPal transaction that works with any financial institution

Utilize a dashboard to track who the user has emailed to contribute to their fund, who has donated to the fund and how much they’ve contributed

For more information and to enroll check out College Registry HERE.


  1. I am going to tell my sister about this site! It is always good to have a service that helps parents with college tuition! Even if a parent is not impoverished, any parent needs to find ways to save money on college tuition-it is getting so expensive now!

  2. With the cost of going to college so high I am glad that this site exists. I shall have to pass this info on.

  3. Great ideal, I could really use this site to gain some insight. Thanks for the review.

  4. This is a great post for parents of college bound students. And for the students themselves to help them put the cost into perspective.