Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anatomy of a shoe

                                                    Photo Property of StyleandFashionTips.com

Shoes are called brogans, kicks, footwear, shoeleather and many other things. Did you know that each part of a shoe has a specific name? The illustration above from Style and Fashion Tips.com points out the various parts of a shoe.

You have probably heard of the insole and heel before. And I knew about the shank, sole, vamp, and toe box. But I had never heard of the heel breast and top heel nor the counter or quarter heel. For me the most important part of a shoe is the toe box, I have had shoes with a small toe box and an hour after wearing them I was hobbling around because my toes hurt from being pinched. Equally important is the sole of the shoe, if it's made of poor quality material you can expect to slip and fall down easily.

A very high quality shoe will have no seam/line where the heel meets shoe quarter and underneath on the sole it will be one piece with no parts glued together.

The height of the heel is a matter of personal preference. I rarely wear a shoe higher than two inches even, anything higher just doesn't feel comfortable to me. I admire ladies who do wear very high heels and wish I could navigate about in them without wobbling etc. You can also dress up your high heels with a clever product called Arch Tags, they are a sticker that you apply to the sole of your heels and come in a variety of patterns. They are one of my former sponsors and they have some really cute designs you can check out HERE.

Of course there are also various styles of shoes from flats to sandals to loafers but I'll save that for another post. Leave a comment and let me know if  you were aware of the anatomy/parts of a shoe.


  1. I had no idea the shoe had so many named parts. I prefer to wear heels but these days I rarely get dressed up and stick with flip flops most of the time.

  2. I did not know that a shoe had its own anatomy! There are different names for the part of the shoe! I knew that there was a heel on a shoe, but who knew of a part of the heel called heel breast! Another part is called shoe quarter! Very interesting to find this out!

  3. I love shoes and had no idea there were so many parts! Thanks!

  4. I was not wholly aware of the anatomy of a shoe. I knew about the one piece sole, but not about no seam where the heel meets the shoe. I found this very interesting

  5. Um I was lost after insole and heel! Who knew a shoe had so many other parts??? Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I had no ideal about the anatomy of a shoe.
    You learn something new everyday. I still love my flip flops.


  7. I never knew all the parts had names!