Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fan of the Week Update

A few weeks ago I started a "Fan of the Week" feature. Every Thursday I use the Fan of the Week application on Facebook and also look through the comments and giveaway entries here on the blog. I then select the person who has contributed meaningful comments, shared and liked statuse on facebook etc. and let them select a prize. The two previous winners chose some nice prizes, L'uvalla day & night cream and Lancome Genifique cream.

Many of you are probably unaware that there are ranking systems such as Alexa and Google PR that rank blogs. Many companies will not sponsor a review/giveaway unless you have a good ranking. I was personally unaware of ranking systems and how they work until I had blogged for about three months. Every time you leave a comment on one of my posts or enter a giveaway it helps my ranking which in turn helps me gain great giveaways for my followers. Facebook has made some changes recently, if people don't "like" or comment or share a status I post only 5% (about 60 people) see it.

To encourage more interaction from my followers and improve my rankings I started the Fan of the Week program. I am not going to select a fan this week because honestly only my two most faithful followers have commented or been around. This is partly my fault, I was busy with family and the holiday like a lot of you probably were so I did not post as much or put giveaways on here.

I am hoping that fan/follower interaction improves this coming week and am planning on selecting a winner next Friday.


  1. Oh Wow, thank you for letting me know this information, am planning on having my own little blog one day, but am also going to just have my own giveaways myself and with the things I will be selling that I make! Never knew this!