Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Men At My House

                                             John, Josh & Johnny

 The one on the left is the husband AKA Mr. Jackie's Views. Tomorrow is his birthday (July 23rd). I won't say how old he will be but I like to think that he has held up pretty well after 22 years hanging out with me. The first time I saw him I thought he looked like Patrick Swayze (it was 1989 and Dirty Dancing was THE movie that summer).  Oh to be young and in love again! Seriously he's a very hard worker and doesn't have any hobbies except work. When I hear women complain about the husband going off to hunting camp, or fishing or watching football all day I can't say I know what that's like. John likes to work and play with the boys and that's about it. He can be a handful and VERY stubborn but he is cute too look at when he's sleeping. Oh and he also has nice "buns".

The little one in the middle that looks bashful? That's Josh aka Wild Man. Got a quick temper like his mama and he's a scrapper (I call him my Irish boxer). Don't let the look in the picture fool you, he is VERY outgoing and social. Josh looks and is built exactly like his dad except for his eyes (he inherited the Asian eyes from my side of the family). He has been known to tell random girls/women at Wal Mart "You pretty girl". Josh has no fear of anything and is constantly on the go, and I mean constantly. He is a real sweetheart, loves everyone and is full of joy! He is also a prankster and likes to tease. Just last week he stole his grandma's bra out of her room and ran outside yelling 'booby holder". And we have no idea where he comes up with some of this stuff, we are pretty straight laced around the house. And when Josh smiles at you his dimples come out and his eyes shine and light up, he's a charmer! Has a very good mind and sharp memory, I'm curious to see where life takes him. He's more easygoing than his older brother and just goes with the flow.

The tall one on the right (he says he's not tall but I am only  5'2" so he looks tall to me)  would be the other son John aka John Boy. He's my college student and he's always busy. This summer he is working, taking a computer class for college, traveling with his race team on weekends and socializing with the young ladies when he finds time. He is very intelligent (went to Harvard when he was 16) but likes to downplay that side of himself. He is quiet and gentle but can be stubborn like his dad. And sometimes he gives me headaches, he decided at the last minute he wants to transfer to UNC for motorsports engineering so now mommy gets to scramble around and get him admitted and all his financial aid/scholarships transferred. But he knows I'll do it, I would do anything for my sons just like any other parent out there.  I miss the little boy in the Power Ranger costume that I swear was running around the house just the other day but I am proud of the young man he has become and enjoy talking with him about various things on an adult level.


  1. Well Miss. Jackie...Today is the 23rd of July and it is also my Grandfather's Birthday except he's not with us anymore. I still think about him every day and especially on his Birthday! Hope you and your man have a wonderful day and Happy Birtday to him as well!! :)

  2. Thank you Meg! Happy Birthday to your Grandpa in Heaven!