Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Giveaway Updates

The Copper River Bag giveaway was a huge success with over 16,000 entries! Thanks to all the participating blogs who posted and helped promote this awesome giveaway! Because there are so many entries it will be a few days until a winner is announced. I have to verify entries which means when the Rafflecopter selects a winner I have to make sure the winner actually did all the entries they said they did. I have to ask all the blogs to verify that the winner liked them on facebook and twitter and if you said that you did an entry like following me on Pinterest I have to verify that too. Anyone who claimed an entry and did not complete the task will be disqualified and a new winner is selected and the verification process starts all over again. This can be time consuming but it is not fair to those who only checked off tasks/entries that they actually did to not verify a giveaway. So please bear with  me, whoever the lucky winner is a few days of waiting will be well worth it for one of these gorgeous leather bags!

A couple of quick updates for my readers regarding giveaways. My policy is the same as other bloggers, I will notify you via email if you are the winner of a giveaway on Miss Jackie's Views and you have 48 hours to respond to my email or I will select another winner. I have gone out of my way to track down winners who don't respond on facebook or sent more than one email, I do not have time to do this so I am going to follow standard blogging procedure. I also make a blog post and share on facebook when I have selected a winner. Make sure to check your email and spam folders if you have entered one of my giveaways.

Giveaway Winners:

Jennifer  Shave well fogless mirror

April Y - $50. Discount Family Clothing Gift Card

Sarah - Kettle Cuisine Prize Pack


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