Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Instant Trainer Leash Review

                                                  Video Credit: Top TV Stuff The Instant Trainer Leash is an "As Seen on TV" product available for purchase at the Instant Trainer Leash website HERE. This is a veterinarian  approved leash designed to train any type of dog to walk calmly without pulling. The Instant Trainer Leash is available in two sizes, small for dogs 30 lbs and under and large for dogs over 30 lbs. Right now if you order from the company website at http://www.buyinstanttrainer.com there is a buy one get one free special, you pay $17.95 for one leash with shipping and handling and get a second leash for free. In addition you will receive two free sticky rollers which makes this offer worth $25.90! I ordered the Instant Trainer Leash in a size large to try and train my mother's very large basset hound. Putting the Instant Trainer Leash on Howard (my mom's basset hound) was difficult to say the least, it is like a harness and Howard was very uncooperative. Once I managed to get the leash on Howard we took him out for a walk. The results were mixed, after a few minutes Howard did slow some down but he still pulled. I am not certain whether the Instant Trainer Leash is effective or not, I tried two more times to use it with Howard and could not even get it on him. It should be noted that basset hounds are a large and very stubborn breed of dog noted for being difficult to housetrain or actually do anything you want them to do. I decided to give the Instant Trainer Leash a try on my son's beagle Lucy and had much better results, Lucy walked calmly. Lucy is nine years old and has walked on a leash before and is much more compliant about everything in general than Howard is. My recommendation? Go ahead and order an Instant Trainer Leash if you are having trouble walking your dog, you can't go wrong with the price and it has gotten a lot of good reviews with great results. Disclaimer: I received one or more products above for review purposes only. I was in no way required to write a positive review. My opinions as always, are my own. This post may or may not contain affiliate links. Giveaways on this blog are in no way affiliated with Facebook or any other social media networks. The sponsoring company is responsible for all shipping unless otherwise stated. Miss Jackie's Views is not responsible for sponsors not upholding their promises and cannot reimburse you the items or the value of products. Should this occur please contact Miss Jackie's Views and I will do my best to help you achieve promised winnings. - Miss Jackie's Views


  1. My neighbor needs one of these! She just got a new puppy about 2 months ago and she is WILD!

  2. you can make your own just loop the leash over its back I do it all
    the time.

  3. This product is a rip-off, and the company is a scam. They make it impossible to order less than 2 leashes - what if you have 1 dog? They tack on a ridiculous S&H fee ($15.90) for $10 of product. They are unresponsive to emails, do not answer their phone, and I could not cancel the order. I bought them via Paypal so at least they can't touch my money. Oh, I even tried to contact the email address they list in Paypal but even THAT one came back with an automated response, that they no longer use that address. I'm now stuck with them; I'm paying for that momentary weakness. Do they work? Yes, but before I got them I took a regular leash, added a carabiner, and a couple of tie-wraps and made my own; it worked fine. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!! Just look at the pix you can find on-line & you'll see how to do it. All it really is is an old vet method - it's nothing new or remarkable.

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