Monday, June 25, 2012

PB Crave "All Natural Peanut Butter With A Gourmet Twist"

Photo Credit: PB Crave

PB Crave makes some awesome peanut butter in four great flavors: choco choco, choco bananas, razzle dazzle, and cookie nookie. These great products are made with natural ingredients and honey and unique flavor combinations that I guarantee anyone will love . PB Crave uses peanuts grown in the US, is gluten-free, cholesterol free, has no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup; in other words it only has good stuff in it. PB Crave is socially responsible and uses the highest standards in their manufacturing process to ensure consumer safety.

Besides the fact that PB Crave peanut butter is yummy I really love this company for what they are doing for others. At least 2% of their profits are donated to Project Peanut Butter, go HERE to read more about it. 

I received all four flavors of PB Crave peanut butter to review. Now I must confess I am a huge peanut butter fan and so is my husband. He loves peanut butter on his toast, apples etc. and I will eat peanut butter meltaways until I fall over. So we were super excited when PB Crave agreed to do a sponsorship. When the package arrived it was opened that day and my preschooler and I sampled some of the CoCo Bananas on crackers for our afternoon snack. After dinner that night I heated some of the Cookie Nookie in the microwave and drizzled it over ice cream. Here's a great thing about PB Crave, it is naturally sweet. It is so sweet that we quit using jelly on the kids PB&J sandwiches. PB Crave is a moist peanut butter and with the natural sweetness you don't need to use jelly, which means a lot less sugar going into the kids. One note about this product is that it appears watery when you open the jar, this is because it is all natural and nothing to be concerned about just stir it up really well and you are ready to dig in and eat.

I gave PB Crave a high recommendation on Amazon, you can read my review HERE. Order some PB Crave and give it a try,  especially the Razzle Dazzle flavor which was the favorite at our house, it is the perfect combination of raspberry, honey, white chocolate and dark chocolate and is DIVINE! You must try Razzle Dazzle to appreciate it.

You can purchase PB Crave Peanut Butter online HERE from the company or from HERE. Visit PB Crave on FACEBOOK and TWITTER or drop by and say "hi" to this great company!

PB Crave is generously offering this prize pack valued at $20.97 to one of my readers. The winner will get a three pack of Choco-chocoVariety Pack of  PB Crave delivered right to their door! Only the first two entries are mandatory and the rest are optional. Of course the more entries you complete the better your chances of winning!

Disclosure: I received samples of PB Crave peanut butter for testing and review purposes. I only recommend products I personally use and my opinions remain my own.

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