Monday, May 27, 2013

The Perfect White Nail Polish From Zoya

Credit: Zoya

The nail polish experts at Zoya have just introduced the perfect white nail polish, Purity. I have tried various white nail polishes on the market and they are either streaky or too sheer. As usual Zoya got it right with this latest addition to the Zoya line, a clean white shade named Purity.

Credit: Zoya
Here are some expert tips on how to apply Purity from manicurist Sunshine Outing:  To start, Outing prefers a perfectly smooth surface created by using a ridge filling base coat with a milk base such as, Zoya Get Even… “Let it dry completely” before starting your color application. When it comes to white or pastel full coverage color, the biggest secret is to be patient and not to “go back in and overwork it”. Start with a thin first coat and don’t worry about streaks, “just get it on”. The second coat should be slightly thicker and cover the entire nail. Once the second coat is on, if any streaks or imperfections are showing, a “very, very thin” final layer of polish can be added. Allow color to briefly dry and then follow immediately with a protective top coat. The top coat will not only apply a glossy finish but also assist in bonding the layers of nail polish together for that professionally manicured nail look. After the initial application, Outing recommends a lightly applied daily dose of topcoat for chip-free, glossy perfection. 

You can purchase Zoya Purity Nail Polish for $8. at and at select salons nationwide.