Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring 2013 Shoe Trend Metallic Toe Shoes

For all of my fashionista followers I love the spring metallic toe cap shoe trend and was so excited to have an opportunity to wear the Restricted Women's Just Dance Pumps that my mom bought for my birthday when my niece got married on Saturday. I love wearing the latest trends but felt these shoes were maybe a little too dressy or whatever to wear to church and they won't really work in my day to day life running around after the little guy at playgroup and the park.
So Saturday afternoon I put on my brown/white polka dot taffeta dress and slipped these darling pumps on. I took about five steps and realized I was in trouble. Serious trouble. The Just Dance Pumps have a four inch heel. I have several pairs of wedge sandals with a four inch heel and have no trouble navigating in them, however I quickly realized wedges  provide more stability. We were all dressed and headed out the door so I decided to just stick with the shoes and make the best of it. The church where the wedding was held is over 150 years old and is situated at the top of a hill, there are MANY steps to climb to enter the church.  I teetered and tottered and held on to my husband and four year old for dear life. Guess what's worse than climbing 50 stairs in four inch heels? Going down 50 stairs in four inch heels.

These shoes are so beautiful that I decided I had to wear them to the reception too and hobbled my way around as best I could. I'm sure some of the guests wondered if I hit the bar too much but a girl has to look fashionable right? The Just Dance Pump is comfortable and well constructed it was just my inexperience in really high heels that made them uncomfortable for me. I think I am going to follow the advice of my blogger friend over at I Am Stylish and start wearing my heels around the house to get used to walking in them.

If you want to be on trend you can still pick up a pair of the Restricted Just Dance Pump with a gold cap toe in either white or coral at Massey's for $60.  If you are unfamiliar with Massey's you should check them out they offer a huge selection of shoes/boots at really good prices.


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