Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Today's assignment for the blog every day in May challenge is to share ten things that make you happy. So here are ten things that always make me smile in no particular order:

My sons John and Josh - aren't they handsome? Best boys ever they make me smile every day!

Flowers, love them. I don't really have a favorite type of flower. The best ones are the ones my 4 year old picks for me.

Italian Food! Manicotti, Eggplant Parmesan, Lasagna, Spaghetti.....

I love being in or near water whether it is the ocean, a swimming pool, a lake, a creek or a pond.

Reading in  any form makes me happy. I love history, biographies, mysteries. I have managed to pass my love of reading on to my boys, nothing better in life than snuggling with a little one on your lap and reading to them.

Spending time with friends. Whether it is a random road trip or just a cup of coffee my friends sustain me.

Sleeping in. This one was easy pre-kids now it is a luxury. Nothing like sleeping in and waking up feeling great!

 SHOPPING! I especially love shopping for shoes.

Making others happy makes me happy. I make an effort to do "little" things to brighten someone's day every day. Sometimes it's a thoughtful gift other times it's as simple as a text message to say how are you, thinking of you. It really does matter to a lot of people to know that someone thinks of them and is kind for no particular reason.

 Warm weather and the sun make me happy! Maybe it's because I've been stuck in the northeast so long with dreadful long winters but I love the feeling of sunshine on my arms and can't get enough of it. The day just always seems better when the sun is out!


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