Thursday, May 30, 2013

Music Bath For Kids

Josh enjoying his music bath

As a homeschooling parent I constantly do research and look for new and creative ways to teach and was delighted this past winter when I found some great ideas for learning while in the bathtub. I teach my youngest Josh with weekly thematic units and use crafts, snacks, small field trips, and special baths that match that week's theme.

Last week's theme was music so I created a special music bath for him and he loved it! Take six tall glasses (if you don't have real glasses you can buy some at any dollar store) and fill them with different levels of water. Add food color to each glass and set them on the ledge of the tub or shelf. Add a little food color to the water to brighten things up and put a few music notes and treble clefs on the tub walls (I draw mine with erasable crayon or you can purchase some). Give your child a drumstick (or a wooden spoon if you don't have a drumstick) and show them how to tap each glass and listen for the different sounds each glass makes. They will be surprised I guarantee it! Have them practice playing music on the glasses and make sure to join in the fun.

I also added the little music set Josh has which I purchased at Wal Mart for $10. One thing to note, if you have really young children they will need close supervision with this activity because the real glass could break and cause injury.


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