Sunday, December 9, 2012

Big Boss Oil Less Deep Fryer Review

                                                            Photo Credit: Emson Inc

Emson has been manufacturing innovative products since 1946. I was given the opportunity to review one of their new products, the Big Boss Oil-Less Deep Fryer. This product uses a combination of convection, infrared light, and halogen to quickly and efficiently cook foods. The Big Boss is like a combination of a stove, deep fryer, and oven all in one product.

                                                Video Credit: Emson Inc

When the package arrived with the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer I already had a chicken and some of my family's favorite fried goodies on hand that I purchased in anticipation of its arrival. After opening the package and assembling the Big Boss, which only took a few minutes, I read through the instruction book and recipes. I quickly discovered that you do not have to thaw foods ahead of time when you use the Big Boss, a plus in my book because many times I don't have a particular meal planned and when dinner time rolls around we can't have the chicken or hamburger because I forgot to put it out to thaw.

I put my frozen chicken in the Big Boss and followed the directions carefully and an hour and ten minutes later I had a perfectly cooked chicken! What really sealed the deal for me was after I made french fries, onion rings, and cheese sticks with the Big Boss.  With kids in the house finger foods are a staple around here. I previously dreaded making them though because it involved lugging out a cumbersome deep fryer, filling it with oil, having oil splattered all around the kitchen, and then having to dump the oil when I was done. So making the finger foods the kids love was a task for me and it was also a little bit costly, having to purchase oil and throw it away. I wasn't sure if the fries and onion rings would turn out well because the Big Boss uses virtually no oil, you just spritz a few drops of oil on your food using the handy dispenser that comes with the Big Boss. We were all pleasantly surprised out how crisp and tasty the foods came out! Now I can make those tasty finger foods for the family without worrying about feeding them fat laden foods, it is amazing how good the foods taste when prepared in the Big Boss without all the oil you would normally use.

                                                   Photo Credit: Randy Mayor

Guess what else you can make in the Big Boss? Cinnamon rolls and other baked goodies! I tried the cinnamon roll recipe in the booklet that came with the Big Boss and they were scrumptious! You can also cook a turkey that weighs up to 16lbs which is next on my list to try. And the Big Boss has two cooking racks so you can cook a meal all at once, just put your vegetables in one section and your meat in the other, turn the knob and dinner is on its way!

Not only is cooking with the Big Boss Oil-Less Deep Fryer easy and much healthier clean up is a snap. The Big Boss has a cleaning cycle, you just add a drop of dish soap and water, turn it on, and voila any debris/drippings are loosened right up. You can put all of the pieces except the top part with the controls in your dishwasher too. Anything that lightens the housework load is a plus in my book and I love how easy the Big Boss is to clean.

I  recommend the Big Boss Oil-Less Deep Fryer based on the sturdy construction of the unit, affordable price, and versatility of it.

Right now you can purchase the Big Boss Oil-Less Deep Fryer for $113.09 from Amazon which is a savings of $55. off the regular retail price of $166.65! The Big Boss Oil-Less Deep Fryer is a great investment for any family and would make a wonderful Christmas gift that will last for years.

Emson makes many great products in addition to the Big Boss Oil-Less Deep Fryer, you can check out their full line of products HERE

You can follow Big Boss Kitchen Products on FACEBOOK for special deals & offers and to learn about new products.

Disclosure: I received the aforementioned product to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review and my opinions remain my own.


  1. oh thank you we love fried food but they are not healthy and we are not young anymore. I think we might need to purchase one of this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That machine is AMAZING!!!!! I love reading your reviews! It always makes me want to go buy the item you are writing about!

  3. Oh my gosh! I have got to have one of these!! I'm telling my husband I want one for Christmas!!

  4. I've heard great things about these. Was it easy to use?

    1. Yes it was as simple as using a microwave or standard oven!

  5. I got my Big Boss Oil-less Fryer at for only $79'00 and free freight! Love it!

  6. My daughter has one of these but no instruction manual. Where or how can I get one?

  7. Would you use big boss to cook a pork roast?

  8. Would you use the Big Boss to cook a pork roast?