Thursday, March 8, 2012

Truvia Natural Sweetener Product Review

I recently had the opportunity to sample Truvia natural sweetener through the Influenster (a community of trendsetters who try new products and use their influence to share them with others) Love Vox Box program and found it to be a satisfying alternative to sugar.

Truvia is a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the Stevia plant (a member of the chrysanthemum family). The main difference between Truvia and other sweeteners derived from the Stevia plant is the fact that Truvia is made from the part of the stevia plant that tastes the best, resulting in the best possible tasting natural sweetener.

I was surprised when I checked the Truvia website to see many products that I already use or have tried contain Truvia! Truvia is used as a sweetener in some of the following products: Tillamook Light Yogurt, Vitaminwater Zero, Firefly Skinny Tea, Velamints, All Sport Naturally Zero drinks, Crystal Light - Pure, Powerade Play and Dippin' Dots ice cream. It is gluten free and safe for diabetics to use.

Truvia is available at Whole Foods Market and most WalMart stores and it is also available in 40 count cartons and spoonable containers in their online store. A 40 count carton of Truvia retails for $3.99. Truvia recently introduced a baking mix which I would like to try with some of my cookie recipes.

A packet of Truvia equals two teaspoons of sugar. I tried the sample box provided by Influenster and found Truvia to be a nice alternative to sugar. It is just slightly less sweet than granulated sugar and has a light taste. Unlike some artificial sweeteners Truvia does not leave an aftertaste or alter the taste of food and drinks. I used it in my coffee, sprinkled it on my Special K cereal and mixed it in my nightly iced tea.

If you have health concerns such as diabetes Truvia is a great alternative. Even if you do not have health concerns Truvia is a great way to make a change towards better health by cutting out processed sugar from your diet. I would recommend that you try it and see what you think.

For more information about Truvia visit their website at: For more information about Influenster you can visit their website at

Disclosure: I received a sample of Truvia from Influenster. My opinions, however, remain my own.


  1. I like that Truvia is a natural sweetener as I have tried most of the other brands. I like to use sweeteners in my coffee and on my cereal to cut back on calories. I will give Truvia a try next time I go to WalMart...thanks for the review!