Sunday, September 2, 2012

Updates from Miss Jackie

Just a few quick updates for my faithful followers. I haven't been as active with the blog in the last week or so and I apologize. I was busy getting my oldest son settled in to college and I purchased a new vehicle. Ok it's not brand new but pretty new and I spent two days finding excuses to drive it, of course that put me behind in my housework etc.

I have joined some great giveaways. There is a Glass Handbag giveaway that has very few entry requirements. And I personally received a Glass Handbag to review last week, these gorgeous bags are beyond description. I am hopeful if I do a great job with the review the designer will allow me to do my own giveaway for Miss Jackie's Views followers. I also opened a new giveaway with 10 prizes, check out the B&E Hoedown giveaway post for more details and your chance to enter! And at 6 pm Monday night I have a SUPER giveaway with over $1200. in prizes up for grabs, this one is geared towards the guys and includes a tool set, grilling set, CookN organizer and more so stop back to enter.

I have gained some new sponsors in the last week including another Curvy Kate Lingerie giveaway for their new line of Smoothie bras & panties, a custom tshirt company, vinyl wall art, deep fryer, and another California fashion boutique so stay tuned. And I almost forget I lined up a major pet product sponsor, there will be a giveaway for an inground electric fence and some other great dog products!

I really have some great followers, other bloggers have commented on how sweet you are and how much you interact on my Facebook page and I really appreciate all of you! And I do notice when you comment and like getting to know you. One of my special followers, Miss Karen, had me concerned because she had some health issues but she is feeling better. And another great follower, Miss Yolanda, went through a scary time this past week because she and her family were right in the path of Hurricane Isaac. Thankfully Miss Yolanda and her family are okay!


  1. Love that you are so personal with your followers. This has quickly become one of my favorite sites. Thanks for all the great posts/giveaways and everything you put into your blog!

  2. Congratulations on the new vehicle! And good luck to your son!

  3. Thank You for the follow up, I really enjoy your blog. I know your son will do well in college, it's such a special time. And congrats on all the new sponsors. Your blog is awesome.