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Halo 4 for XBox Now Avaialable!

 With Christmas just around the corner Halo 4 is a must have for any of the gamers in the family!! 
"Halo 4” marks the beginning of a new saga in the blockbuster franchise that has
shaped entertainment history and defined a generation of gamers. Developed by
343 Industries exclusively for Xbox 360, “Halo 4” ushers in the return of mankind’s
greatest hero, the Master Chief, in a newly envisioned, epic sci-fi adventure.

Set nearly five years after the events of “Halo 3,” “Halo 4” follows the Master Chief
and his faithful artificial intelligence (AI) companion Cortana as they venture into a
mysterious new world and discover an overpowering ancient evil that threatens to
annihilate mankind. With humanity’s fate hanging in the balance, the Master Chief
and Cortana are thrust into a desperate mission against overwhelming odds to save
mankind from the threat of imminent extinction.

As one of the biggest video game franchises in history, the “Halo” series has sold
more than 43 million games to date, generating more than $3 billion in total franchise
sales. “Halo 4” takes the award-winning series in a bold new direction, delivering its
most epic and explorative campaign yet, together with a groundbreaking multiplayer
offering rooted in “Halo” fiction — setting the stage for an epic new sci-fi saga.

Top features include the following:

 A new “Halo” saga begins. “Halo 4” marks the dawn of a blockbuster new game
series, the Reclaimer Saga, centered on the Master Chief as he embarks on an
emotional journey fraught with personal demons and the most daunting challenges
he’s ever faced. Featuring a darker and more personal story that reintroduces the
iconic hero as a genuinely human character, “Halo 4” sets players on an epic sci-fi
voyage that will span the next decade of “Halo” games.
As the story unfolds, the Master Chief and his relationship with Cortana will evolve in
deep and meaningful ways that will resonate through the entire Reclaimer Saga.
 A powerful and riveting campaign. Brace for a thrilling, action-packed adventure
deep inside a mysterious new world to confront the gravest threat humanity has ever
faced. Harness a vast arsenal of futuristic human and alien weaponry, abilities, and
vehicles as you step back into the boots of the Master Chief and wage a desperate
war against an overpowering new nemesis and a deadly new class of
technologically advanced foes — the Prometheans — that will challenge you to
employ innovative new combat tactics.2
With increased pace and action, greater epic encounters, new interactive story
elements, and more combat freedom than ever before, “Halo 4” delivers the series’
most dynamic and explosive campaign yet — whether you take up the fight solo or
launch a cooperative assault with up to four players over Xbox LIVE.
 A revolutionary new multiplayer experience. “Halo 4” introduces the
groundbreaking “Halo Infinity Multiplayer” offering that will redefine the award-
winning series and revolutionize the way people think about storytelling and
multiplayer gameplay.
- Birth of your Spartan: Infinity. The hub of the “Halo 4” multiplayer
experience is the UNSC Infinity — the largest starship in the UNSC fleet
that serves as the center of your Spartan career. Here, you’ll build your
custom Spartan-IV supersoldier and progress your multiplayer career across
all “Halo 4” competitive and cooperative game modes. As you advance your
Spartan career aboard the largest starship in the UNSC fleet, your
multiplayer experience will be embedded in the fiction of “Halo” like never
before, where your progress and game choices affect your appearance,
your arsenal and your role on the battlefield.
- Spartan Ops. The story of the UNSC Infinity intersects with the “Halo 4”
campaign, and then continues on in a brand-new, story-driven experience
known as Spartan Ops. A first-of-its-kind, exciting new addition to the “Halo”
franchise, Spartan Ops is an episodic adventure that blends immersive
storytelling, high-quality cinematics and action-packed gameplay to deliver
an unprecedented serialized experience.
Through a weekly series of cinematic episodes, Spartan Ops will tell the
continuing story of the UNSC Infinity, following the events of “Halo 4.” These
episodes will center on the UNSC Infinity leaders and crew as well as a new
team of Spartans — Majestic Squad. These cinematic episodes will provide
the backdrop for the weekly Spartan Ops gameplay missions. Playable in
single-player or cooperatively with up to four players, Spartan Ops lets you
explore the corners of Requiem in objective-based missions and help
uncover the secrets of the mysterious Forerunner world.
A massive-scale adventure that builds off the “Halo 4” story, access to
Spartan Ops is included with “Halo 4” at no additional charge — effectively
delivering two campaign experiences in one game.
- War Games. The competitive multiplayer modes of “Halo 4,” known as War
Games, take place on the combat deck of the UNSC Infinity and revive the
visceral and immersive experiences that “Halo” multiplayer is famous for.
Featuring 10 diverse and action-packed new multiplayer maps at launch,
“Halo 4” introduces a broad variety of immersive new game modes and
strategies to help you progress your Spartan-IV career, while delivering an
experience that’s distinctly “Halo.”

- Forge. A powerful multiplayer toolset that allows players to design their own
multiplayer maps, Forge returns in “Halo 4” with three unique environments,
as well as new functionality to make it easier than ever to unleash your
creativity. With added features such as an expanded Forge toolset and
improved user interface, new “player traits” that let you modify physics and
effects in specific zones, an expanded color palette and a completely
redesigned lighting engine, fans can now create the most unique and
visually inspired maps they can imagine.

- Total combat freedom and player progression. “Halo 4” features a vastly
expanded suite of new multiplayer modes, weapons, vehicles and armor
abilities; a new loadout and player progression system; and a new armor
modification system that introduces gameplay-enhancing customizations for
the first time in a “Halo” game. These advancements can be used in both
Spartan Ops and certain War Games matchmaking playlists, empowering
players’ choices, vastly expanding their creative options, and making the
experience deeper for core fans and more approachable for newcomers.

The “Halo 4” player progression system goes beyond simple aesthetic
upgrades, encouraging players to invest time and effort to create a Spartan
that looks and plays the way they want. Players can obtain and activate
combat enhancements called “Specializations” based on the style of play
they engage in, from stealth to all-out assault and everything in between.

 Redefining the “Halo” game engine. Built on the backbone of the engine that
revolutionized the shooter genre and console gaming, “Halo 4” provides a more
visceral and visually stunning “Halo” experience than ever before, taking a massive
leap forward with all-new engine technology, including state-of-the-art graphics,
lighting, animation, audio, physics, motion-capture cinematics and AI. All these
systems have been dramatically overhauled or redesigned from the ground up to
deliver the most visually striking and immersive “Halo” game to date.


 Gripping music and audio. From acclaimed producer and composer Neil Davidge
of the famed trip hop group Massive Attack comes a sweeping musical score that
captures the heroic spirit and emotional intensity of the Master Chief’s adventure.
Combined with all-new audio recordings for every weapon and sound effect in the
game, the action gets up close and personal, delivering an impactful experience that
resonates as powerfully as an epic Hollywood blockbuster.

 Halo Waypoint. Available on the Xbox 360 console, Web and as a Web App
Companion experience across mobile and tablet devices, Halo Waypoint enriches
your gameplay experience, while giving you the opportunity to watch your UNSC
career progress and track achievements, stats, and commendations. For “Halo 4,”
the Waypoint experience has been fully reimagined with deeper stat-tracking
features and new medals designed to recognize multiple play styles and
accomplishments. Waypoint is home to unlockable exclusive content that deepens
the story of “Halo 4,” and features an extensive knowledge base with detailed
information on weapons, characters, enemies and more. Waypoint will continue to
grow and evolve post-launch with new features and exciting experiences for fans.

 Building on the “Halo” legacy. “Halo 4” delivers one of the most anticipated
entertainment launches of the year, building on the “Halo” franchise that has
accomplished the following:
- Sold more than 43 million game copies to date
- Made more than $3 billion in franchise sales over its lifetime
- Amassed more than 3.3 billion hours of Xbox LIVE gameplay
- Inspired books, comics, graphic novels and strategy guides that have sold
more than 9 million copies (Nine of the 11 novels are New York Times best-
- Garnered more than 580 media and industry awards, accolades and

“Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”

- Oct. 5, 2012 (worldwide) debut of five weekly episodes available via the Machinima
Prime channel on YouTube and Halo Waypoint

- Nov. 6, 2012, launch of the “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” Special Edition, an extended edit
with additional footage and bonus content as part of the “Halo 4” Limited Edition

Premiering this October on Machinima’s YouTube channel and on Halo Waypoint,
“Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” is a groundbreaking, live-action digital series that
takes fans back to the terrifying beginning of the Human-Covenant wars, when the
Master Chief inspired a young cadet who would eventually become a leader aboard
the UNSC’s greatest vessel: the UNSC Infinity. “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”
delivers an emotional, action-packed story of heroism and sacrifice that leads into
the events of “Halo 4,” the biggest entertainment event of 2012.

The “Halo 4” Limited Edition will include access to the 90-minute “Halo 4: Forward
Unto Dawn” Special Edition via Halo Waypoint, with never-before-seen bonus footage,
as well as bonus content and behind-the-scenes videos.

About “Halo”
The “Halo” franchise is an award-winning collection of properties that has grown into a global entertainment
phenomenon. Beginning with the original “Halo: Combat Evolved” (2001), the critically acclaimed and
record-shattering series of games has since inspired multiple New York Times bestselling novels, comic
books, action figures, apparel and more.

Published by Microsoft Studios, the “Halo” franchise of games is exclusive to the Xbox 360 video game and
entertainment system and the Xbox LIVE online entertainment network. To date, more than 43 million
copies of “Halo” games have been sold worldwide, driving more than 3.3 billion hours of gameplay by
people connected to Xbox LIVE.

About 343 Industries

343 Industries is the publisher and developer of the blockbuster “Halo” series of videogames and, as part of
Microsoft Studios, oversees the “Halo” franchise, including novels, comics, licensed collectibles, apparel
and more. 343 Industries is home to world-class developers working on the Reclaimer Saga, which
commences with the arrival of “Halo 4” on Nov. 6, 2012, exclusively on Xbox 360.

Estimated retail price. Actual retail prices may vary.
Online multiplayer and Spartan Ops gameplay requires Xbox LIVE Gold Membership (sold separately).
Minimum 8GB USB flash drive or Xbox 360 hard drive required for “Halo Infinity Multiplayer.” For an optimal
experience, play with an Xbox 360 hard drive. (For Xbox 360 4GB, Arcade and Core consoles, Xbox 360
hard drive is sold separately). See for specifications.

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