Thursday, November 29, 2012

HoodiePet inventors honored with Tagie Young Inventor of the Year Award

                              Seth Kempe, Alexia Kempe and Kevin Harrington

Seth & Alexia Kempe, the young inventors of the HoodiePet were honored on November 16th with the Tagie Award in the  Young Inventor of the Year category. From the Tagie website: "9-year old Seth and 7-year old Alexia Kempe loved cozying up to their baby sister’s fleece blanket and decided they wanted a hoodie made out of the same comfy material. But their idea didn’t end with the hoodie. They also wanted to have their favorite stuffed animal tag along, ready to play when they were. So what did they do? They invented and now self-produce HoodiePet – a line of snuggly fleece hoodies with attachable, interchangeable plush pets, each with its own personality, biography that helps kids learn more about the planet’s animal kingdom, and an online HoodiePet world (Seth’s idea!) where kids can let their imaginations run wild."

  There are eleven different HoodiePets  available in six colors and two animal prints and when you purchase more than one you will receive a discount. HoodiePets would make a great Christmas gift for any child on your list, it is like getting two gifts for the price of one; the hooded sweatshirt and attachable stuffed animal.  You can learn more and purchase HoodiePets online HERE


  1. I would love to have one of these for my son...what innovative kids!!!

  2. I love the fleece material! I'm going to have to look at these!

  3. My nephew saw the picture now is asking for one the idea is amazing least for 4 to 7 kids , thanks for sharing