Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Learn To Read With Reading Eggs!

Like any mother I have always been concerned with my children's education. There is a 16 year age difference between my two sons and I have discovered that times have really changed since my oldest, John, started school. The skills children need to have when they enter kindergarten and first grade are much more rigorous. So I have been trying to teach  my four year old Josh as much as possible at home. One area we were struggling with is reading. I purchased some "learn to read" books, tried flash cards and DVD's without much success. One day I read a review of Reading Eggs and contacted the company and they generously agreed to let Josh and I review the Reading Eggs program for three months!

Reading Eggs is an online reading program for children ages 3 to 13. In the past year Reading Eggs has taught one million children to read with a 99.6% parental satisfaction rating which is outstanding. If you go to the Reading Eggs website HERE you can enroll your child in a matter of minutes. The great thing about Reading Eggs is they allow you to try the program FREE for 30 days!! No credit card required, there are not a lot of companies that will let you try their product with no strings attached.

I enrolled Josh on Thursday last week and he has already completed six lessons and is doing very well with the program. Josh is strong willed and sometimes getting him to do things especially "work" as he calls it can be a challenge but he asks every day to do his "lesson" which really surprised me. There are different levels of Reading Eggs and when you enroll your child can do a simple assessment to see where he/she should start the program at. One of the things I really like about Reading Eggs is the tracking the program has, it tells you what your child knows and what reading level they are on. I will be providing bi-weekly updates on our progress and experience with Reading Eggs.

I have spent money on other learning products/programs that were not worth the investment but I encourage anyone with children to enroll in Reading Eggs and see how it works for you, the first 30 days are free. Right now Reading Eggs has a limited time offer of 25% off a one year subscription when you use promo code 88EGG making the cost of a one year subscription $56.25. The offer is good through February 12, 2013. The low cost of the Reading Eggs program is another positive thing in my opinion.

You can follow Reading Eggs on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and PINTEREST.

Disclosure: I received a three month Reading Eggs subscription to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review and my opinions remain my own.


  1. So glad you found something that your child enjoys while he is learning!! It is so very important

  2. Oh, now this looks really neat! I'm going to bookmark this and come back to it when my little guy turns 3 this fall. Thanks so much for sharing about this!

  3. This sounds like a great program. My daughter Gina had a hard time learning how to read in elementary school but after getting some special help and teaming up with a reading buddy, she excelled and loves to read. She also has a very wide vocabulary because of it.

  4. I have a 3 year old, I love that there is a 30 day trial so I can see if he is ready. Thank you.

  5. 99.6% parent satisfaction rating is a very promising number! That's great that they let you try before you buy. My daughter isn't quite 2 yet but in another year I will have to look into this.

  6. That sounds like a great program! Reading is so important, I am glad that kids will enjoy learning to read :)