Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Soda Stream Giveaway

I received a Soda Stream last year for review and the whole family absolutely loves it, especially my little guy! What's really cool is Soda Stream just released some new syrups in Kool Aid flavors. Even better the new Kool Aid flavors are available in store at Wal Mart. When I had the chance to bring another Soda Stream giveaway to my readers I was glad to join this great giveaway!

Thanks to the Soda Stream Genesis, we had the hugest selection of soda flavors, and even flavored sparkling water.

The Genesis itself even came with a sampler of 12 flavors, which was so cool, because there were a few in there that we did not have in full sizes.

It includes the CO2(enough to make 150 cans worth) and a bonus carbonating bottle. Everything you need to make soda from the moment you open the box. Just supply the water. So easy.

Look how cool this thing looks. It's stylish but does not take up too much space. It can sit out on the counter all the time with no inconvenience. The machine requires no electricity or anything, simply press down on the button and release repeatedly(until you've heard 3 buzzes).

Then you just unscrew the bottle and add in your desired soda syrup. It is so simply, the cap even serves to measure the amount of syrup.

Then you just pour in a glass and enjoy.

The Soda Stream makes delicious, fresh, always fizzy soda in seconds, any time without all the heavy bottles and 12-packs that take up tons of space in your home and create recycling(or garbage) that you have to store and dispose of. One bottle of soda mix makes about 50 servings(Natural makes about 25).

I am so loving this concept. My husband drinks so much soda it is mind boggling. He likes diet cola, and I like flavors. I like to mix it up and have variety, but since I don't drink nearly as much soda, I found it hard to justify buying more than one flavor for myself only since it would just sit around until I got around to it.(bottles going flat and 12 packs taking up so much room)

Now with Soda Stream, I can have any flavor syrup on hand, and just make whatever I have a craving for. It makes it so easy to change it up and keep the experience exciting.

Plus, the Soda Stream flavors are so yummy, some I think are better than national brands, and others not even available from other brands.

We had 8 varieties at our party.

Cola Free:
This is my husband's standard flavor. He loves it and says it's just as good as the zero cola he normally drinks. I love this too. Since I am dieting now, all I can have is diet, and this tastes good enough to be regular. It was a hit at the party, but many of the guests did not want diet, so others were more popular. If you are looking for a diet choice, this is it.

Root Beer:
Although I cannot have this on my diet, this is the best Root Beer ever. It(so me) tastes better than any chain brand I've tried, so delicious, I'll be drinking the diet version often. People LOVED this flavor at the party, we even served Root Beer Floats with this, they were divine.

Diet Lemon-Lime:
 This is pretty good, I am not a huge fan of lemon-lime in general, but this is just as good as the big brand diet lemon-lime flavors. Not bad at all, and I will probably drink it from time to time for a change of pace. There was a couple people drinking this, one person specifically said it was "fabulous".

Diet Pink Grapefruit:
This is so good. And the color is so sassy. I love the bright pink color. This is the ultimate girly drink. Perfect for cocktails and punches. And can you say Valentine's Day? PERFECT!

The flavor is so bright and refreshing. It just tastes like energy and sunshine. It is hard to describe. Guys may shy away form this because of the color, but it's yummy.

Another perfectly perky masterpiece. The color of this is gorgeous as well, but it is more of a darker red. Lovely. It would also be great for Valentine's Day drinks, cocktails and punch recipes.

This is a really yummy and unique flavor. I love anything raspberry, but the cranberry combo really makes this something special. I love this. I have to go with the diet version from now on, but this is a winning flavor.

Sparkling Natural Ginger Ale:
I really do not like ginger or ginger ale, so this was not for me, but it was no worse than any other ginger ale, maybe even a little better. People at the party liked it, and even hubby loved it(he does like Ginger Ale).

I do like that this is all natural, and if I am ever sick and need ginger ale, this will be my choice.

Naturally Sweetened Cola:
This cola is sweetened with real cane sugar. I love that, and that makes it taste so amazing. Obviously I cannot have real sugar anymore, but this is great over the high fructose corn syrup colas.

This was probably the overall favorite of the party. Most people love cola, and the real sugar got people talking.

Hubby loves this too, even more than the Zero, but he wants to stick to diet versions also.

Sparkling Naturals Black Currant Pear:
This flavor is so unique. I would never have dreamed up a current and pear soda, let alone an all natural one. I love this.

Too bad it is full calorie, because I'd drink this all the time if it was diet. This is just such a special flavor, nothing like anything I have ever tried.

A couple people at the party really loved this flavor. One person joked about stealing it if they had a way to carbonate it(a Soda Stream).

MyWater Flavor Essence:
These wonderful unsweetened flavors turn your carbonated water into sparkling flavored water. Real flavored water, not colorless soda like many flavored sparkling "waters" are.

These are yummy and calorie free. Light and just the right accent to make consuming water more fun.

The Raspberry is my favorite, but I also like the Orange.

Everyone at the party was raving about Soda Stream(which really came in handy with giving people something to do during the power surge).

Everything I have tried from Soda Stream so far has been impressive. I can't wait to try more diet flavors.
I think that Soda Stream just makes too much sense not to have one. Ditch all those space hogging, heavy wasteful soda containers and join the revolution with Soda Stream.

And to help you out, Soda Stream and I are offering all of you lucky fans the chance to win a Fountian Jet Starter Kit. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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  1. I have wanted a Soda Stream ever since they first came out. It would be so nice to create whatever flavored drink I was craving at the time.

  2. My sister has one and my boys loved hers!! Angie Gosnell

  3. me and my family drink alot of soda and i would like to save on it.

  4. i wanted one since they came uot i drink alot of pop and think it would be fun to make it myself. angela cunningham

  5. The money I would save, and not having to drag the empty cans for recycling, wood be awesome.

  6. I want one to save money and to have fun making my own soda

  7. My kids want one so bad and right now we cannot afford one. They even offer kool aid flavors teas and other juices besides all thr sodas and everyone can have their own flavor.

  8. This would be for my mother. She loves soda and this would save money.

  9. I want to save money, and control the ingredients.

  10. I want to save money, and control the ingredients.

  11. I am addicted to sparkling water, so this would be an amazing way to cut down on spending,!

  12. I am addicted to sparkling water, so this would be an amazing way to cut down on spending,!

  13. i really want a soda stream because we are trying to go green and the only thing really holding us back is our soda consumption.

  14. We love soda (within reason) and this would be so perfect for our little house!

  15. My family would enjoy this as well as myself. I want to try all of the flavors, but the first one would have to be Black Currant & Pear. Thanks for the chance! :)

  16. To be able to make diet soda for my husband who is diabetic without all the plastic waste and cost of the bottles of soda

  17. I would love to try the root beer.

  18. I would like a healthier choice than canned drinks.

  19. My son, almost30, has wanted one since these debuted. He has 4 children, so I know this would be a great money saver!

  20. It would be so much more economical than buying soda


  21. For me it would be much more eco friendly and definitely save me money with the amount of soda that my husband and children drink.