Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Help Ella's Dream win toys for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Last year I followed the story of a young girl, Ella, who battled cancer for five years. Her wish had always been to go to Hawaii and swim with the dolphins and as she neared the end of her life the small community I lived in helped raise funds for Ella and her family to go on her special trip. A short time later in December 2011 Ella succumbed to the cancer she had fought  for so long. You can read more about Ella and her family on her Facebook page, Ella's Hawaian Dream, HERE.

As a blogger I receive many emails from companies and see hundreds of posts on my Facebook wall everyday from them too. Yesterday a post by Douglas Cuddle Toys asking for nominations for their annual Holiday Charitable Drive. They are holding a photo contest on Facebook and the organization picture that receives the most "likes" will win some awesome toys just in time for Christmas. When I saw the post I immediately thought of Ella, I had read in the newspaper where her family is holding a toy drive in memory of her birthday on October 21st with plans to give the toys to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh where Ella received treatment. I nominated Ella's Dream and received notification today that it was accepted.

If you have just a moment go to the following link and click "like" on the picture (it's the same picture as the one above) to vote for Ella's Dream. One minute of your time could mean some nice toys for some very sick children, thanks in advance to everyone who votes.

Go HERE and click "like" to vote for Ella's Dream!


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