Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mommy Must Have Giveaway

Mommy Must Have .... 

Time in a day,
Presence of mind,
a group of supportive friends,  and

Enough love in her heart to make it through the day.

Sometimes it is hard to know what those MUST have items are! and picked a few of their favorites and are excited to share them with you!

The first must have is a great system for organizing. Why not check out an Organizing Utility Tote by Thirty-one Gifts.

One of the basics supplies out there is soap. It Is Well Soap is family-made from a very loving family based in Phoenix.

The next must have is a baby carrier. Babies need that touch and mommy will have things to get done. Unfortunately some of those take a hand or two and a baby carrier like the Boba is a wonderful option!

The next must have is great shoes for the kiddos! See Kai Run offers cute shoes for both boys and girls, and their crib shoes are a definite must have!

Once your kiddos start eating food, it will be important to introduce them to fruits and vegetables. Copy-Kids DVD is a great way to help that picky toddler see other kids enjoy vegetables and likely get your kiddo on the route to good eating as well!

Now, don't forget about aunt flow! I tell you, even with TANDEM nursing on demand, I had less than 6 weeks between post-partum flow and aunt flow. To get yourself covered, consider reusable mama cloth. Really, it works awesome! MotherMoonPads are top of the line!

When baby is here, and perhaps elimination communication isn't cut out for your family, may I suggest cloth diapers? There are tons of options out there from upcycled t-shirts on the "old fashioned" prefolds to factory made waterproof diapers. Right in between that you have work-at-home-mom made diapers. One of my favorites is Made With Love Diapers.

Finally, kiddos know that mama needs relaxing, and one great way to relax is with a pedicure. Well sometimes getting that time alone isn't possible so kiddos can join in with the fun with Piggy Paint!

And to carry all your stuff, you need a nice bag. Fans of Attached Moms are eligible for a free gift from Thirty-One gifts with Amanda McMahon, Independent Consultant!

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  1. Wet wipes..not only were they great for baby , but for my self as well..They were life savers at times..

  2. besides the obvious...I needed receiving blankets and bottle warmer

  3. baby wipes, good for cleaning multiple things

  4. My most favorite item of all has been the pre-folded 100% cotton cloth diapers with snaps. No worrying about pins sticking the kids. No rashes. And I have used them over and over for every child. Makes a great baby gift!

  5. My most favorite baby item of all time is pre - folded 100%cloth diapers with snaps. They make a great baby gift too!

  6. 31 gifts tote b/c I am always walkin around with bags!

  7. Breastfeeding pads - I always leaked!! I don't know what to comment as so I put anonymous Tressan Moore

  8. 2 car seats & a double stroller! I had twins!

  9. i insisted on cloth diapers. way back in the 80's.