Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book Review; By Faith, Not By Sight

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Book Description

"A moving story of hope, faith, persistence and the power of dreams.
A piano prodigy, a nineteen-year-old college grad, a Marshall scholar, and an American Idol finalist. This guy had it made. He could sing.
He could ski blind. What couldn’t he do?
Even if you saw him in concert, you might not believe that Scott MacIntyre is blind, and you’d never guess that at nineteen, he faced a diagnosis that rocked his family and nearly took his life.
So how did he do it? How did he overcome the odds?
This is Scott’s story, but he’d be the first to tell you that it’s not really about him. This is the story of how God used a dedicated family, a selfless acquaintance, hardship, and a host of characters to give him life, faith, determination, and experiences most can only imagine.
Peek behind the scenes to see how he learned to overcome his disability, how he made it in the music industry, how he found the love of his life, and how God taught him that in all things, we can truly achieve our dreams By Faith, Not by Sight."

Review: Scott MacIntyre has achieved things in his young life that most people can only dream of, college graduate at 19 years old and finalist on American Idol. What is even more unique about this young man is that he was born blind. What I found really touching about his story was the fact that throughout the book there was not a trace of self-pity for all the trials he has faced in life. The night of his college graduation he found out he had kidney failure and needed a transplant. The reader gains an insight into his thoughts as he goes through the process of  waiting for and finally receiving a kidney transplant and the difficult recovery he went through. He shares his disappointment at not winning American Idol and tells how he moved on. His sister was also diagnosed with kidney failure prior to his performance on American Idol and yet his family worked together to overcome yet another crisis. He tells how his faith in God helped him and his family through some very dark times and it will inspire you! This book has a happy ending that you must read to find out! I  found this to be an easy read and highly recommend it.

Disclosure: I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I did receive a complimentary copy of "By Faith, Not Sight" from the BookSneeze program. However this did not influence my review of this book.


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