Thursday, April 26, 2012

Find the perfect gift at Good Buddy Notes!

                              Photo Courtesy of Good Buddy Notes

Good Buddy Notes is an online store that is a real hidden treasure! Award winning artist Shelley Dieterichs creates original,  illustrated  products including gifts for teachers, pet gifts, baby shower gifts, cards, books, gifts for gardeners, and numerous personalized items from stationery to clocks.  Shelley's art has been described as whimsical and I find it to be very charming.

  A real gem that  I found amongst the large selection at Good Buddy Notes was the Welcome Baby Gift Basket pictured above which retails for $25. and includes a cute onesie, baby booties, and bib! And at Good Buddy Notes six personalized cards retail for $10.,  that's cheaper than Hallmark and you are getting a beautifully crafted item.

Shelley sent me a plate and mug set with my son's name on it and a set of Big City Building Blocks. If you want to see some of Shelley's gorgeous artistry go here The plate and mug are adorable and made of sturdy melamine so  I plan on keeping them for a keepsake after Josh is done using them. The Big City Building Blocks are made of a heavy duty cardboard material that is plastic coated. Josh really loves them, he likes to line them up like a city block and run his cars down the middle like it is a city street.  And they are great for teaching kids measurement (smaller and bigger) because they are stackable. The Big City Building Blocks cost $20. and are well worth it!

In our society where so many things are factory manufactured and cookie cutter perfect it is nice to find some original products that are reasonably priced. Before you buy a Mother's Day gift or a Teacher's gift I recommend you browse around Good Buddy Notes first, you might find some gems of your own.

Disclosure: I received the aforementioned products for review purposed. My opinions remain my own.


  1. These baskets are cute and a really good idea!

  2. I love personalized gifts, thank you for sharing! I'm going to look at their site now.

  3. I checked out the site and saw some neat items and nice things I would be interested in buying. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Personalized items are great for Mothers Day coming up:) Also for graduations & don't forget the teachers who raise our children!!! Thanks for having a giveaway.

  5. Personalized items like these are great for Mothers day, graduations & teachers to show appreciation for all they do to raise our children! Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

  6. I would love to win one

  7. Dorothy I would love to win one

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  8. Very neat stuff. Thanks for sharing.