Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun Spring Activity For Preschoolers!

     (Sunflowers, Lettuce and Radishes soaking up some morning sun)

This past week I did a fun little activity with my preschooler Josh! What made it even better was that it only cost 25 cents for the whole activity! While I was in WalMart last week I picked up an Easter Egg coloring kit with little plastic cups in it that was marked down to 25 cents. When we went to lunch at McDonald's they had little packets of radish and lettuce seeds for free at the counter so I picked up a few of them. When we got home I read the book "I'm A Seed" by Jean Marzollo and we talked about how you plant vegetables and how they grow.  

                                             (Photo Credit Scott's )

 Then I got out the free sample of Miracle Gro Expand N Gro I received in the mail a few weeks ago, it's a new product from Scott's that is  a lightweight soil that expands after you water it. You can go to to learn more about Expand N Gro.

We put some of the Expand N Gro in one of the Easter egg cups, added the seeds and watered. Three days later Josh saw his first radish come up and the next day he was excited to see the lettuce had sprouted. He likes to check his plants several times a day!

                             (Josh's radishes are multiplying rapidly)

This was a fun learning activity that cost very little! I always put in for free samples when I see them and can usually find a way to utilize them like I did with this activity. If you follow my facebook page (link is on my right sidebar) I post freebies and samples every day as the become available.


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