Wednesday, August 15, 2012

College Corner - Advice for parents of incoming freshman

For any parents out there who have a kid starting college in the fall you are where I was at a year ago. I could give you a long list of advice but I am going to keep this short.

Try to purchase needed textbooks ahead of time if possible. You can rent online from Campus Book Rentals or Book Renter. You can also purchase some textbooks from Amazon and of course you can purchase from the college's book store (usually the most expensive route).

You are going to miss your son/daughter a lot but it is in their best interest not to call, text, and visit too much the first 6-8 weeks. Many colleges recommend that you do not bring your kids home for the first month or six weeks. The reason? Your son/daughter needs time to adjust to their new surroundings and lifestyle. They need to socialize and "fit in". I am not saying this is easy, believe me it killed me to not text my son more than once a day during his whole first semester at college.

I like to stock up on snacks and drinks for my son to take to college with him. Even though most colleges requiring students living on campus to have a meal plan there are of course times when they get hungry and the cafeteria is not open. Sending snacks & drinks with them saves them time and money - they don't have to run to the store at midnight for a soda or pay $2.00 at the vending machine in the lobby. My son's college is in a very rural area with the closest store about 15 miles away so when winter came he was very glad that mom sent a stockpile with him! Most dorm rooms are small so of course you have to be sensible, don't buy 20 cases of Pepsi.

You are most likely going to cry. More than once. Possibly every day for a couple weeks. And it's fine.It took me about six weeks to adjust to my son being gone. I thought I was being silly for crying. I mean my son was going off into the world and had this great opportunity so why shouldn't I be happy instead of crying? Then I talked to other parents and they send they went through the same thing, your child going off to college is a bittersweet thing. It's exciting to see them start out in adult life but it is also the end of their childhood/teen years. Don't worry though - they will be back for winter break and if they are anything like my son they will bring lots of laundry with them.

If your son or daughter is starting college this year I wish them the best of luck and much success. And for you parents sending your children off I send you a hug and a promise they will be fine!


  1. all very good advice. BUt remember to be very proud that they got this far!