Saturday, August 11, 2012

Help Stop Bullying - Sticks N Stonz Giveaway 8/16

SticksNStonz is a Clothing line
that is dedicated to Anti-Bullying. 
This company came to be when a friend of mine had 
a bully issue with her son. 
They came up this 
To not only make a change but to 
Be The Difference!
This great giveaway is hosted by my friend Jessica, owner of the blog OhMyGoodies Freebies! She really wants to get the word out about this awesome clothing company and help with the issue of bullying. I support this cause and hope you will too!

The maker of SticksNStonz 
Oh My Goodies Freebies 
are joining forces and asking YOU
to help 
Be the Difference
 that we need in this world! 

SticksNStonz has donated a 
t-shirt and a glow in the dark band
for 1 lucky person! 
We will be running a giveaway that will last 5 days! 

Lets get the word out ! 

Enter HERE!

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  1. I can't stand bullying! My husband was bullied as a child and it was horrible how kids treated him! We make sure to teach our children how very wrong it is!

  2. bullying is ridiculous. i see more adults than kids doing the bullying and that makes me sick.glad that there is a lot more talk going on about it and that kids are being made aware that it really isn't ok under any circumstances.

  3. Bullying seems to have gotten so out of control. My 12 year old son has been bullied and I have felt so 'stuck'. He doesn't like to talk to me about it, I've gone to the school, I enrolled him in martial arts but it still continues. It breaks my heart. </3

  4. Bullying is a cover-up in some schools I know, with teachers and principals sweeping bullying under the rug or covering it up. There needs to be an end to this!Something more a person can do.

  5. I was bullied for years in middle school and high school so I know what it feels like and I am now a member of several anti-bullying groups so I am a proud supporter of anti bullying and believe in educating kids about bullying and do believe there should be punishment for those that bully.