Friday, August 3, 2012

Frugal Fashion Friday - How I scored a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction Shoes for 77cents!

Miss Jackie is a shoe fanatic, I have lost count of how many pairs of shoes I actually own. Now before you think I am a frivolous, wasteful person let me tell you I RARELY pay full price for shoes or anything else for that matter. One of my favorite tips is a well known one, buy off-season. Stores change stock for the upcoming season and greatly mark down the inventory they have left from the current season.  In January and February you can get great prices on winter clothing, coats etc. In July and early August you can pick up warm weather items at rock bottom prices.
When I purchase off-season I try not to buy trendy things because they are likely not to be in style next year, I'm not one to really buy the latest trends anyhow I tend to stick to the classic look. I got a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes for 77 cents in late June. Take a look at the price tag in the picture:

In case you can't see the price tag these shoes were marked down from $54.99 to $10.77 because they were part of the winter stock at my local Peebles store and it was late June already. I just happened to have a $10. birthday coupon (Birthday clubs are a great way to save and get freebies) so I used that and the final cost was 77 cents out of pocket. So there you have it, buy off-season and save lots!

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  1. I love getting a Great deal on Fashion itema and the is a AWESOME steal!!

  2. I would call that a score and a half. They are cute shoes too and at that price even if I didnt like them I would get them for dinners and holiday wear.

  3. I love shoes. I also buy my clothes like you, late in the season for next year. It just makes sense. And saves alot of cash. Nice shoes!!!