Friday, August 10, 2012

In Memory Of Miss Lucy 2002-2012

This afternoon we lost a dear member of our family, Johnny's beagle Miss Lucy. We brought her home from the humane society for Johnny's 10th birthday and she quickly become a loved part of our family. When my husband was injured and off work for a year she was his constant companion. She slept in our bed every night and barked if you didn't let her in the bed room. She grew up with Johnny and when he went to college last fall she would go in his bedroom and sleep on his bed during the day waiting for him to come home like he always did when he was in high school.

A few weeks ago she started having trouble with one leg then it became both back legs. She has intervertebral disease and was paralyzed so the best decision was to let her go. Even though she is no longer in pain and scared because she can't walk it didn't make it any easier to let her go.

Rest easy dear friend, I know you are out in a meadow chasing rabbits and baying. We love you Lucy and will miss you forever.


  1. How sweet! I read your page with your "about me" background. You write very well and have a wonderful blog. I am very impressed with it compared to many others. Keep it up!

    R.I.P Miss Lucy!

  2. I am so sorry about your baby Miss Lucy.

  3. Aww, sorry for your lose of Miss Lucy, wishing your family strength in your hearts during this sad time! :(

  4. This made me cry!! Big hugs Miss Jackie! What a nice tribute to Miss Lucy. Rest in peace and joy Miss Lucy!