Friday, January 25, 2013

OXO, Crooks & Robbers?

                                                                              Photo Credit: OXO

OXO the company that makes all those nifty gadgets with rubber handles was picketed earlier this week by consumer products company Quirky. While I have never done any reviews for OXO, my mother and I both own and regularly use many OXO Good Grips tools and other OXO products. I had never heard of Quirky until I received an email earlier today from OXO explaining the whole incident. In addition to picketing the OXO offices in New York Quirky has posted a billboard two blocks from the OXO office in New York and posted on their social media channels about it.

What is all the hullabaloo about you may be wondering? Quirky is claiming that OXO "ripped off" their Upright Dust Pan design which is not what transpired. OXO has offered a very gracious explanation of the whole incident which you can read by going HERE.

In my experience OXO is a company that makes quality consumer products and I will continue to buy from and support OXO. I urge you to read the full article so you can be well informed on this incident.

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  1. This is so wild. First, I don't believe it was an attempt by OXO to steal their design. It seems that people are quick to point fingers about stealing ideas these days. I just read a rather paranoid post by a blogger that claimed she had been 'plagiarized' by another blogger. She gave 5 examples of the 'copied' content. It was incredibly lame. In each example there was an adjective or two that was the same, but the 'thief' had a different opinion, a different take on the review. The sad part is that the established blogger has a large base that has jumped on the bandwagon. I think it is sad that someone is so insecure that they feel the use of 5-10 of the same adjectives when describing the same thing out of a full page review constitutes plagiarism. Sadder still are the brown-nosing 'supportive' fans that are ready to tar and feather the accused. Just like Quirky thinking OXO can't come up with a dust pan design without copying them and going to the trouble to publicly bad mouth a competitor, this kind of publicity just makes me feel lousy about the whole thing.

  2. I need to check oxo out never seen them before