Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sibu Beauty Giveaway - January 17th to January 20th

Sibu Beauty Spa Kit
 With the new year comes the chance to make positive changes in your life. I resolved to take better care of myself and make more of an effort with my appearance. Sibu Beauty is helping me with their great products. If you've never experienced Sibu Beauty here is your chance to win a spa kit of your own!

 I received the most generous spa kit from Sibu Beauty to review and you will be happy to know that they are participating in my January Mystery Giveaway Celebration. They will supply one winner a gift pack although I'm not going to ruin the surprise and say what. Don't you just love surprises (?) and trust me, you will love this one. A little bit about the products I received... Sibu Beauty Spa Kit Did you catch this part? --->>>ALL NATURAL

  • Benefits of Sea Buckthorn and Omega 7
      Don't they sound amazing? They did to my older sister as well. She was here when the package arrived and as much as I tried to hide it from her, it wasn't meant to be ;). She was taking things out of the box, ohhing and ahhing over everything. She opened and tried and dabbed, and closed and opened and tried all over again. She opened and reopened, tried and retried, inhaled, exhaled and I was getting exhausted just watching her :). I knew she wouldn't ask me if she could try the products because she knew I was anxiously awaiting the spa kit. I've been wanting to try this kit from the first time I read a Sibu Beauty review. So no, she wouldn't ask me... and however much it ached me to do it, I can't say I have ever seen anyone as excited over something as she was, * Kleenex moment* so I, *sniffles* I, well, I... *blows nose* ...I asked her if she would like to review the products in my place *waits for a no* *hopes for a no* *oh no, no, no*. It was worth the smile. I guess. To make this sacrifice for her. Again, I guess ;). Sibu Beauty Spa Kit My sister recently relocated from Texas to Georgia and is always ALWAYS helping me with something due to my back injuries. She doesn't ask, she just walks in and starts doing. We haven't been together in years, a lot of years, so we have been spending a lot of time hanging out, some of which includes reviewing products together, and it has been an honor and a blessing to spend this time with her. Her excitement is contagious over the Sibu Beauty Spa Kit. I'm sure mine would have been too, but... *wails*. She has shared with me her day by day beauty regimen with the kit. She said she has never used a product daily before now and I think her biggest challenge was to get into the routine. It really helped that she wanted, well wanted is putting it mildly, she longed to review each of these products from the first time she laid eyes on them. Some products she uses daily, some she uses weekly, some she hasn't had to use yet but honest to goodness I think she is hoping she will get acne or a rash just to see how one of the products will work for that. Sibu Beauty Spa Kit Her favorite product of the kit is the age defying eye cream. My eyesight is not what it used to be and not what hers is so I'll have to take her word on the fact that she swears it started reducing fine lines in as little as a few days. The eye cream is followed up by the balancing facial cleanser which she has also never used before (facial cleanser that is). She has had nothing but good reports on the products and I've not seen her this animated about anything since she moved here. So, maybe it was worth the sacrifice. I guess. She is going to make one "hecka" spokes person for Sibu Beauty, that much I know. She keeps the pamphlet with her that came with the products and pulls it out to show anyone that will listen to her. Me? Well, I've learned to find a seat and pull my Kindle out of my handbag when that happens. No one is getting out of her clutches until they hear what she has to say. Today, I got to finish a short story. How would you like to win an amazing mystery package from Sibu Beauty? If you live in the US and are 18+ please enter using the rafflecopter form below. 
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    4. Disclosure: I received the above mention products free to help facilitate my review. Miss Jackie's Views is not responsible for shipment of prizes. Sibu Beauty is sponsoring a giveaway for one winner to receive a myster
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