Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Skinny Jeans Giveaway - January 15-17th

Miss Jackie's Views has teamed up with Teri's Little Haven and some other great bloggers to bring you this chance to win a pair of Skinny Jeans of your own! There is nothing better than a great fitting pair of jeans so make sure to enter after you read the review.January Mystery Giveaway Celebration The first thing I want to say is that you will have not one but two chances to win a pair of your own SkinnyJeans. For this first giveaway, I received my all time favorite ultra slimming GreenJeans™ to review. It's so hard for me to find the perfect size of jeans because I'm tiny. I have small bones and sometimes that is good and sometimes it's not so good. Tiny jeans do not seem to have much shape to them in my opinion & I look like a pencil in most pairs I've purchased. SkinnyJeans sells their jeans according to waist and inseam instead of size. There is not a size that I can fit into as well as I can SkinnyJeans. They fit me perfectly. How many of you can say that about your jeans? January Mystery Giveaway Celebration January Mystery Giveaway Celebration
Like I mentioned I selected and received the GreenJeans™ for my first review. I wanted to point out some things about them that I tend to favor. First off they are washed with 'air', sparing hundreds of gallons of water and caustic chemicals. All of that is great, but it's the slim illusion shading front and back that has impressed me the most. One of the following pairs of SkinnyJeans is brand new, never worn nor washed by me, the other pair has been lovingly worn and watched too many times to even guess at. Can you tell the difference? That's my point. The slim illusion shading has remained with these jeans despite the countless times I have thrown them in the washing machine. These jeans are a great choice for any size or shaped woman who wants a slimming effect. For me, they seem to enhance my otherwise drab shape causing the effect I wish all jeans would provide. I feel really shapely in these jeans. That's something that is really rare for me. They are amazingly comfortable and feel like my second skin. January Mystery Giveaway Celebration BTW, the top pair is the new ones. January Mystery Giveaway Celebration Not only do I love the color of these which goes so well with any shoes from, tennis shoes, boots to heels, I really like the little snaps with the company inscription, the nice and thick threading and even the pockets adorned on the jeans. The zipper is one of the best, I have never had a problem with it like I have cheaper jeans in the past, despite the amount of times I've washed my previously owned SkinnyJeans GreenJeans. So what do you think? How do I look in my new Hello SkinnyJeans? I <3 them. January Mystery Giveaway Celebration January Mystery Giveaway Celebration If you live in the US and are 18+, enter to for a lucky chance to win a pair of Hello SkinnyJeans of your own, because I'm not sharing mine ;). Be sure to claim your entry for the ultimate family mystery giveaway after you enter. You won't be able to claim it after 1/17 at midnight so hurry! Good luck and thank you for your participation.  

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    1. I like that they are ultra slimming and that they literally photoshop the body. ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

    2. What a wonderful concept! A pair of jeans that seem to be geared for us older generation:) No more muffin top and the fading and shading pattern on the jeans that creates an optical illusion front and back to slim the leg is a wonderful idea!

    3. I can hide my belly !! =)sara bradstream

    4. great idea just wish they would do sizes for us bigger ladies, we love our jeans too :(, but sounds like a great company who knows how to make a jean look like its washed a 100 plus time but is not

    5. SkinnyJeans® are made from classic denim but with a high nylon/elastane content. This denim is made exclusively for SkinnyJeans®. This gives them a ‘beefy’ strength to hold you in (no wimpy, gummy stretch here) and creates ‘Memory’—it sucks everything in and never sags, bags or grows by the end of the day. (You will not have to wash them every time you wear them!)

    6. Great sounds like good Jeans, like good zipper

    7. I like the restraining panel is created that pushes the entire stomach area in.

    8. I like they are strecthy and the light and dark fabric helps to give a slim look.

    9. I like that they make them in bigger sizes - I hate baggy jeans and just because my tummy's a bit big, my legs aren't! =D

    10. They look awesome on you!

    11. I like that it gives a slimming look.