Saturday, May 19, 2012

Butt Bench Review

             Video Credit: Jacqueline Y. Griebel

While surfing Facebook one day I saw a giveaway post for a Butt Bench. The Butt Bench is a high quality bathtub seat made of wood. Watch my video above to see how easy installation of the Butt Bench is! Removal of the Butt Bench is as easy as installation too.There are currently four different styles of the Butt Bench available with prices starting at $43.95. The Butt Bench fits in most standard size tubs and will hold up to 300 lbs. of weight. In addition to the Butt Bench you can also purchase bath safety items and handheld sprays HERE.

I received the Cedar Butt Bench to review and I found it to be a nice addition to my bathroom. My bathtub has jets in it and I love to sit on my Butt Bench with the jets running and soak my feet. Shaving is much easier with the Butt Bench too. I have a toddler and I tried different products including bathtub toy nets to keep his toys neat and out of the way when he is not using the bathtub but I never really found a good solution until I got a Butt Bench. It was really frustrating to get in the shower first thing in the morning and trip over toys and gather them up, now they are out of the way neatly sitting on my Butt Bench. One word of caution, please do not leave children unattended in the bathtub with the Butt Bench installed. Removal and installation of the Butt Bench is so easy I don't mind removing it when my little guy is in the tub and putting it back in when he's done.

The Butt Bench is perfect for senior citizens and disabled persons. My father had his hips and knees replaced and for many years he had to sit in a plastic lawn chair when he took a shower, it wasn't very safe or comfortable for him. He could not find a safety shower chair that was comfortable and the lawn chair was a last resort my mother thought of. I wish the Butt Bench had been available when Dad was alive, it really would have improved the quality of his life.

I have been fortunate to have really great sponsors here at Miss Jackie's Views and I want to point out that Bill Corcoran of Butt Bench is one of the nicest and most generous sponsors I have worked with.

Stop by the Butt Bench Facebook page HERE and tell him Miss Jackie sent you!


  1. Neat idea, but I can't get past the fact it looks like a simple bench of plywood, and for that price I would expect more.

    1. It's actually high quality cedar and a great little item. When you buy from Butt Bench you are supporting a small business, which I believe in!

    2. Isabella Grey,
      I am the owner of Butt Bench and I could not help but reply to you. Our seat has been through two years of intense testing for all parts of this seat.
      It's made from the finest Western Red Clear cedar, Not knotty cedar. It has stainless steel nails and screws, not cheap screws that will rust. A custom track was made for the suction cup assembly. The cups too are of high quality, with special parts. The labels used on this are custom Waterproof labels. The finish is a commercial hi grade waterproof finish that lasts years and is very involved to finish.
      In addition, every single piece of this seat was made in America. Our company is helping to support TEN other companies in America. Should we transfer all these jobs to China ? For $40.-$50.00 our seat will lasts years and serve you in so many different ways, and your whole family. We believe it's an incredible value. Bill Corcoran-President

    3. Well said Bill! I support American businesses and love the creative spirit of companies like Butt Bench.

  2. What a clever, practical idea! I need one of these, can totally see how much easier it would be to shave my legs or use a pumice stone for my heels.

  3. Interesting concept! My daughter would also but her toys all over the bench!