Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Safety Tats - ID Tattoos for Kids!

                      My three year old Josh wearing a Safety Tat

Safety Tats were created by a mom, Michele Welsh after a family trip to an amusement park where she was concerned about her children being safe. Any parent knows that feeling of concern you have when you are a at a large, crowded event or an unfamiliar place with your kids. Safety Tats are a fully removable tattoo that you can write your name and contact information on in case your child gets lost. You can also order customized Safety Tats. You can see the full range of Safety Tats available HERE.

I received a six pack of customized Safety Tats with my name and phone number to review. I found them very easy to apply and remove. My three year old Josh and the family dog had some fun with them, you can check it out on Pinterest  HERE.   Although Josh is wearing a Safety Tat on his forehead in the picture above please keep in mind the correct way to wear them is on your arm.

Safety Tats are not only for kids, there are Safety Tats available for adults with Alzheimer's, Dementia or Aphasia. You can go HERE for product and ordering information.

You might be wondering what  makes Safety Tats unique from just using a plain sticker or band-aid and writing your contact information on it. Well the answer is that Safety Tats are brightly colored, with cute designs that kids like and they will not come off until you remove them. I highly recommend Safety Tats; they are a great idea for children and adults and are available at a good price. 

Disclosure: I received a sample of Safety Tats for review purposes. Regardless I only recommend products to my readers that I would personally use.


  1. I really love these!!! My son is really hard to understand still and if he would ever get separated from us it would be nice to know that he could just show his tatoo. ;)