Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Norio Corcoro Kids Playhouse

                                                 Video Credit: Jacqueline Y. Griebel

In our technology driven world it is so easy to just turn on the DVD player or XBox etc. and let the kids entertain themselves. While there are benefits to technology the downside can be not enough creative play for kids and that's where Norio Kids comes in. Norio Kids makes both miniature and full size playhouses that are interlocking. You could literally spend hours playing with a Norio Kids playhouse. Norio Kids playhouses are designed for children between the ages of three to ten which makes them a great buy, you can purchase one or two or even three and they will grow with your child.

             My husband and three year old setting up the Norio Kids Corcoro playhouse

Norio Kids playhouses are made of durable double wall cardboard, have a simple interlocking system and are customizable which is great for older kids. Set up is super easy, our Corcoro playhouse only took five minutes to set up. For information about Norio Kids and their products go HERE.  After we set up the Norio Kids playhouse we got out the paints, crayons, and markers and let the kids decorate it which was great fun. A really neat thing about the Corcoro playhouse is that it is really compact, you just fold the pieces up and put it back in the box. If you are heading to the beach or somewhere on vacation this summer purchase one of these great playhouses, they travel easily and would make a great activity for the kids. I live in a harsh winter climate (the Northeast) so the Corcoro playhouse will come in handy on those winter days when we are cooped up inside. And of course the Corcoro playhouse is great for rainy days too.

I received one of the full size Corcoro playhouses to review and was very pleased with it. Yes it is made of cardboard but it is really sturdy. My husband was not sure what to expect when he opened the box and after he assembled it he said it is more than strong enough to be played with outside and he was impressed. My husband is a contractor who deals with building materials all the time so I trust his opinion.

Norio Kids is offering a special discount code valid until June 17th for readers of Miss Jackie's Views, just enter this code at checkout to receive 25% off a full scale playhouse:  MRK725MJV

You can connect with Norio Kids on FACEBOOK  PINTEREST and YouTube for product information, specials and all the latest news.

Disclosure: I received a full size Corcoro playhouse for testing and review purposes. I only recommend products I personally use and my opinions remain my own.
And here's some really great news - Norio Kids is very generously offering one of my followers a Norio Corcoro playhouse just like the one I received! Entry is easy in the Rafflecopter form below.
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  1. I love the mini houses and would love to get a matching set so my children could play with the smaller and plan for the larger!

    1. You should buy a few of the mini houses (they are $3.99 each) and maybe you will win the full size one in the giveaway!

    2. I love how these products make our children use their minds and imagination. It is so much better for them rather than sitting in frontof a game system or TV. These products are very fun :)

  2. The Foam playhouse system that is coming looks awesome.

  3. I love that we can build them together and then draw and color them! Very cool idea!

  4. Children can assemble the play house in different ways. When done the house can fit under a bed. They can draw and customize the house with past and paper or just markers and crayons. I think that my nieces would love this play house.

  5. I love the miniature houses!

  6. want to try the Cocoro playhouse system - Cardboard

  7. I learned that you can color these!